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Stillman Jacquard, PhD RPsych Psychologist

Dr. Stillman Jacquard is a registered psychologist with a doctorate in psychology from the University of British Columbia (APA/CPA accredited). He is a practitioner of decolonial mental health and offers liberation oriented, anti-oppressive, culturally informed therapy, and practices from a justice oriented, system-informed framework, encompassing trauma sensitive care.

His clinical orientation is influenced by person-centred therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy within the context of a multimodal lens. He looks for opportunities to engage in adventure and movement-based therapy and values building community within an Indigenous wholeness.  He is proud to be of Metis heritage.

His current research pursuits include embodied listening, mindfulness, self-compassion and movement within the context of the therapeutic relationship.

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Stillman Photo: At the intersection of earth, air, water, fire and metal there is a stillpoint. (Photo credit: Lindsay Jacquard)