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Ask a Nurse

Do you have questions? We have answers! 

Do you have questions about sex, vaccines, stress, or your health in general? If you do, chances are other students do as well! 

We've compiled the most asked questions that Dal students ask our nurses, and provided the answers below. If you don't see the question you want or need to ask, book an appointment with a nurse at the Student Health & Wellness Centre (Halifax), or Health Services (Truro), and they will be happy to help! 

How do I book an appointment?

Dalhousie and Kings students located in Halifax can book appointments at the Student Health & Wellness Centre with doctors, nurses, counsellors, or our social worker using Medeo Health.

Students located in Truro can book with Health Services by calling 

920-893-6300 or

by emailing

About accessing Student Health & Wellness

Who can access student health services?

As a Dalhousie/Kings student you have access to a family physician, nurses, counsellors and a social worker, as well as many other health resources during your time here and for one semester after you graduate.

In Halifax, these resources are offered through the Student Health & Wellness Centre, on campus at 1246 LeMarchant Street, second floor. 

To access these services, you must first set up your health profile by phoning or visiting the Centre. Once you have a health profile, you can book an appointment online or by phone. 

In Truro, you can access resources at Health Services located in the Dairy Building. 

How do I set up my health profile?

For students studying in Halifax, call the Student Health & Wellness Centre during operating hours at 902-494-2171.

For students studying in Truro, call Health Services during operating hours at 902-893-6300, or email

What do I need to bring for my appointment?

You will need:

  • Knowledge of and/or copies of your medical history and prescriptions
  • Identification card (DalCard)
  • Health insurance card
    • Provincial health insurance card such as MSI, OHIP, etc.
    • Medavie health insurance card if you are on the DSU International health plan

ADHD stimulant prescriptions do not transfer between provinces/territories. If you are new to the Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness Centre, or Student Health Services, you must provide a copy of your psycho-educational assessment to be issued a Nova Scotia prescription or a letter from your family physician. Physicians require this for prescribing stimulant medication. 

You can bring a physical copy of your assessment to your appointment or email it to

You can also request interpreter services before your appointment, if needed. 

About mental health 

I’ve been overwhelmed with school and feel my mental health declining, what can I do to feel better?

Struggling with mental health challenges may be difficult, but you are not alone! Dalhousie offers a wide variety of mental health supports. These include resiliency training, one-on-one counselling, group counselling, same-day counselling appointments, on-going counselling, and appointments with our nurses and physicians who can support you. 

Learn more about the mental health resources available to you as a Dalhousie student.

Who should I make an appointment with if I have a concern about a potential Psychological Disorder?

Book a same-day counselling appointment, as this will be your intake session to discuss your concerns about a learning disability or psychological disorder. The same-day counsellor will work with you to make a referral to the Centre's psychologists or counsellors, as required. 

Psychologists and counsellors at the Student Health & Wellness Centre offer screening for Dalhousie and Kings students to make recommendations for academic accommodations that are accepted by the Accessibility Centre. 

Our team at Student Health & Wellness does not offer formal diagnosis or psycho-educational assessment for medical records or medication/prescription purposes.

Learn more about supports available for students with learning disabilities.

About sexual health 

What is the Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing process?

Student Health & Wellness offers confidential STI testing to students at the Student Health & Wellness Centre and Student Health Services. 

Student Health & Wellness also offers mobile STI screening clinics each semester at various locations on Halifax Campuses.

Screening/testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea via a vaginal, oral, or anal swab or urine test is available, in addition to HIV self-test kits (new this year!)

Clinics are confidential and non-judgmental, and you collect your samples yourself privately in the restroom. We only call you if your test is positive: No news is good news!

Learn more about the STI screening process and upcoming dates, times, and locations for clinics.

Canadian (domestic) students have access to STI screening through their home provinces funded health coverage. Students from Quebec must pay out of pocket for reimbursement by their province.

Please remember to bring your Dal Card and provincial health insurance card when you attend an STI Screening Clinic if you have never visited Student Health and Wellness before

International students have access to two (2) elective STI tests with their International Student Health Plan. Be sure to bring your Dal Card and international student insurance information when you attend an STI Screening Clinic. 

You can also book an appointment to get STI screening at the Student Health & Wellness Centre by booking a nurse appointment. Nurses can provide confidential chlamydia and gonorrhea testing through swabs (vaginal, oral and anal) and urine testing, and HIV self-test kits. 

For further testing of STIs that require bloodwork, such as Hep B and Syphilis, or confirmatory testing for HIV, a blood work requisition is needed for you to get blood taken offsite at one of the many locations in the community. We do not offer bloodwork on site and an appointment with a nurse or physician/doctor is needed to get a requisition.  

Note: STI screening mobile clinics should only be used if you are not experiencing symptoms of an STI. If you are experiencing symptoms, or your partner has notified you they have an STI, you should book an appointment with a physician for testing and treatment as soon as possible.

I’ve never had sex before and was wondering if I should be tested before starting?

STIs are spread through contact with infected bodily fluids such as blood, vaginal fluid, semen, infected skin, or mucous membranes. 

If you have never had sexual intercourse (vaginal, penile, oral, or anal), there is no need to do STI testing. However, we never discourage testing and if you would like to do baseline testing, we welcome you to come in to see the nurse or ask questions about birth control or STI prevention options.

If you start having sexual intercourse, we recommend coming in for regular testing, especially 4-6 weeks after having sex with a new partner.

How can I get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine?

You can get your HPV vaccine, Gardasil 9, by booking an appointment with a nurse at the Student Health & Wellness Centre or Health Services in Truro.

The vaccination must be given in three doses to effectively protect you against HPV, the first dose can be administered whenever is convenient for you, the second is administered 2 months after the first, and the third is administered 6 months after the first.

As the HPV vaccine is not covered by Dalhousie student health insurance, the cost of the vaccine is $205 per dose. If you have other private insurance, you may be covered by your insurer. Make sure to call your insurance company to check your coverage prior to getting the vaccine. You must pay full cost up front and submit for reimbursement to your health plan, but always check your coverage first.

The International Student Health Insurance Plan (Medavie Blue Cross) does not cover the cost of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil 9.

Learn more about HPV and the HPV vaccine, Gardasil 9

How can I access birth control or pregnancy testing?

Nurses and Physicians/Doctors can consult with you about birth control options that work best for you or provide pregnancy testing and counselling on options should you be pregnant.

Book an appointment at the Student Health & Wellness Centre (Halifax) or with Health Service (Truro) for a pregnancy test, or you can pick up a pregnancy test at an STI Screening Clinic

What gender affirming care and 2SLGBTQIA+ services are available?

Learn more about the gender affirming care and 2SLGBTQIA+ services available through Student Health & Wellness.

How do I get vaccinated for Meningitis B?

Learn more about Meningitis B and how to receive your vaccinations.

How do I get my Student VIP Insurance Card?

Learn more about insurance plans for Dalhousie students.

How do I get a naloxone kit?

Learn about naloxone training and how to get a naloxone kit.

Didn't find the answer to your question?

Book an appointment with a nurse! We provide confidential, non-judgemental health and well-being support, and are here to help you.