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PAWSitive Support

Feeling stressed? Missing your pets at home? Looking for an afternoon pick-me-up?

Come and join us for PAWSitive Support! Spend part of your afternoon snuggling with one (or many) of our therapy dogs!

Meet and chat with our volunteers from St. John Ambulance, Therapeutic Paws of Canada, the DMCRT and one of our Dalhousie psychologists, Marriam Abou-El-Haj.

PAWSitive Support is open to all Dalhousie and King's students! 

The PAWsitive Support Program is a certified therapy animal mental health program offered by Student Health & Wellness.

PAWSitive Support with Guinness

brown long haired dog on a leash

Meet Guinness!

Guinness is a 4.5 year old flat-coated retreiver. He is full of energy and absouloutely loves people. He is learning a few new tricks and loves treats. (Just no chicken please! He has allergies.)

Guinness' handler Judy is a Dalhousie Graduate herself and has been volunteering with St. John Ambulance for the past 8 years. Guinness is Judy's second therapy dog and has been certified for almost two years.

Guinness' Schedule

Guinness will return to campus in September! 

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FASS: Beagle at the Bissett

a white, black and brown beagle

Meet Luna!

Luna is a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog! She provides comfort and companionship. No medical or psychiatric services are offered during these sessions. For mental health support, please visit the Mental Health Services at Dalhousie's Student Health and Wellness. 

Luna's Schedule

Luna will return to campus in September! 

FASS students are welcome to visit Dr. Becca Babcock, Assistant Dean of Student Matters, for academic advice or help with university regulations and policies. Come and ask Dr. Babcock about academic dismissals and probation, waiver requests, grade changes, or what to do if your grades aren't what you'd hoped.

Registration is not required!