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Join top students from around the world in Dals Internetworking program.

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Dalhousie's intensive course-based master's program in Internetworking provides practical skills development with a solid theoretical foundation.



Advanced technology

You'll have it here - the most advanced series of routing and switching, security, wireless, VoIP, and network management technologies complement our equipment room.



Hands-on skills building

Dal's Internetworking program offers extensive laboratory sessions, where you'll participate in industry-relevant experiments and exercises.


Two female students discuss their research at the seminar.

Professional Internetworking seminar conference

Our annual seminar conference provides students with a professional forum in which to showcase their knowledge and skills, through a blend of oral presentations and a formal poster session.


All the students, faculty and staff in the Master of Engineering Internetworking program standing together.

Promoting excellence

Since 1997, Dalhousie's Internetworking program has been helping students find rewarding careers in the Internetworking industry - all around the world.


Cutting-edge education


In Dal's Internetworking program, you'll be exposed to a world-class curriculum that combines theory and practical learning opportunities designed to help you advance your career. Find out more about one of the best Internetworking programs around the globe.

Industry preparation


Dal's Internetworking program offers a range of resources to help you achieve your goals. Working directly on top-of-the-line equipment currently used by Internetworking professionals, you'll complete mandatory labs - or go farther and achieve industry-level certification before you graduate.

Designed for a dynamic career

Internetworking instructor gives student individualized attention.

Our labs offer hands-on, workplace-relevant learning that motivates you to realize you potential and gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Independent trouble-shooting labs also give you the opportunity to put what you've learned to the test. Learn more about how we'll help you succeed.