Student objectives

A broad range of professional internetworking skills

Upon completion of Dal’s Master of Engineering Internetworking program, graduates will be ready to assume the responsibilities of an internetworking professional. Our program has been designed so that graduates will be able to do the following:

  • analyze, design, implement, monitor, and test internetworking systems;
  • specify, design, implement and test internetworking algorithms.

To meet these broadly stated goals, this program provides opportunities for students to

  • configure a network on commercial equipment;
  • analyze and troubleshoot pre-configured systems;
  • design and carry out simulations and experiments to test and verify network performance;
  • participate in the implementation of a network operating system.

In order for graduates to exhibit these abilities, they will understand the following:

  • computer network standards;
  • layered framework for network protocol design;
  • algorithms for underlying bridging and routing protocols;
  • fundamentals of real-time systems;
  • telecommunications network infrastructure;
  • trends in computer networks, internetworking, and telecommunications;
  • mechanisms and limitations of digital communication over wireline and wireless media;
  • mathematical foundations for network design and simulation.

While studying in Dal’s Internetworking program, students may wish to gain a competitive edge in today’s Internetworking market by participating in the program's co-curricular activies and pursuing industry certification training.