Program delivery & structure

Program structure

Students can expect to complete the MEng Internetworking degree in two years.  Students take two courses per term over two academic years with no scheduled breaks. Courses are five credit-hours each. Courses are offered sequentially, in prerequisite order. Weekend days may be required according to the needs of specific courses. Students are normally required to register for all courses at the beginning of a term.

The Internetworking program has a September and January intake each year. 

Other scheduling information

Prospective students should check the schedule regularly. The timing and order of classes may be amended due to program and procedural reviews.

Students must remain registered continuously until completion of their degree requirements. Upon completion of the program, a student may request a letter confirming that all requirements for graduation have been completed. There are two graduations each year - October and May.

Prerequisite requirements between courses are set by the course scheduling. Specific course prerequisites are noted in the course descriptions.

All applicants must provide proof of having satisfactorily completed an introductory Python Programming course, or have demonstrable working experience with Python Programming, as a condition of entry to the program.

Seminars will be scheduled by the INWK office.

See list of required classes.


While the Internetworking program administrators are sensitive to the beliefs of students, only statutory holidays can be observed and weekend days may be required as working days, as described above. Classes are held daily on a schedule prepared by the instructor and, while students are clearly free to leave the class for religious observance, the class schedule remains as posted by the professor. By accepting entry to this program, a prospective student therefore accepts having to work to the required schedule in order to complete the courses. We apologize in advance to those whom we cannot accommodate under the present delivery schedule.