Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff


All students, faculty, and staff are automatically assigned a username and password to access the systems run within the faculty. This account is referred to as your CSID.

To find your username, visit:
To change your password, visit:


Everyone in the faculty has an email address, associated with their CSID, of the format [csid]

Email can be viewed online at:

Alternatively, email can be retrieved in an email client. The servers used to retrieve CS email are:

  IMAP (Incoming) POP (Incoming) SMTP (Outgoing)
Port 993 (SSL enabled) 995 (SSL enabled) 587 (SSL enabled)
Username CSID Username CSID Username Net ID Username
Password CSID Password CSID Password NetID Password

Regarding the move to Microsoft Office 365 for Email and Calendaring

In the past Computer Science, Informatics, Electronic Commerce, and Health Informatics students were given two email accounts at Dalhousie:

  • one provided by ITS with an address address consisting of your NetID and ending in, and
  • one provided by the Faculty of Computer Science with an address consisting of your Computer Science username and ending in

The university is moving all email services to Office 365. This includes the Computer Science mail server. This will obviously mean considerable change to how email works on campus.

All students have been moved from the old Dalhousie email system to Office 365. This affects only your Dalhousie email ( You will have noticed this if you use the My.Dal portal to check your Dalhousie email. If you previously forwarded your Dalhousie email to your Computer Science email address, this forwarding may no longer be in effect.

The Computer Science email server will remain online until into early 2014. Before it is taken offline, the mail on it will be copied to Office 365. Your Computer Science email address will then become an alias for your Dalhousie email; any email sent to your Computer Science address will be delivered to your Dalhousie email address.

If you are a new Computer Science, Informatics, Electronic Commerce, or Health Informatics student that has started at Dalhousie in the Fall 2013, you have not been given a mailbox on the Computer Science email server. A Computer Science address has been created for you and any email sent to it will be delivered to your Dalhousie email address. You only need to check your Dalhousie email (via the My.Dal portal) to get all of your messages.

Courses Websites

Some courses in the faculty have their websites available via:

CS Research Network

Graduate students and faculty wishing to register their computers for access to the research network can use the registration form at:

MSDN Academic Alliance

MSDNAA is a program affiliated with Microsoft that supplies software to eligible students at no charge for academic purposes. Students must be enrolled in at least 1 course in the current semester in order to access the MSDN site. Software can be downloaded from Microsoft directly via:

Learning Centre

The learning centre is available to all Faculty of Computer Science students. Teaching Assistants on staff can help with concepts taught in the core Computer Science classes, and will try to help with the non-core courses. The Centre is located in room 233 (on the second floor) of the Goldberg Computer Science Building and is staffed seven days a week by senior undergraduate and graduate students who are knowledgeable and eager to help. If you're stuck, go in and put your name on the list. Operating hours and other details available on the learning centre page.

Usage Policies

The follow policies cover usage of the technical services available: