Office Alumni and Volunteers

The Office provides students with valuable work experience

Caroline King
Transportation Officer & Communications Office, 2011-2013


Caroline King is a Masters of Planning Studies student at Dalhousie University with a Bachelor Degree in Community Design with Honours in Urban Design from Dalhousie University. Her recent research has included a feasibility study for an express commuter shuttle in the Inter-Institutional District and a survey analysis of local and non-local residents’ anticipated response to the implementation of HRM’s Residential Permit Parking System. She worked with the Office of Sustainability on Transportation related projects, including a new transportation website for Dalhousie, the Employee Transit Pass Program, revising the RideShare Parking System, and Dalhousie’s Guaranteed Ride Home Program. In her spare time Caroline volunteers with local community and non-profit groups such as the Halifax Cycling Coalition.

Dan Bayefsky
Planning Intern, 2013   

Dan was a Dalhousie student hailing from Toronto, Ontario.  He graduated from his honours year in the Bachelor of Community Design, specialising in Urban Studies.  Dan's thesis designed a bicycle parking plan for the Agricultural Campus in Truro.

Angelica Ciurlia
Green Labs & Waste Officer, 2012                        



Chad Hiscock

Waste Management Projects Officer, 2012


Chad Hiscock was a Masters of Environmental Studies (MES) candidate for 2012 in the School for Resources and Environmental Studies (SRES) at Dalhousie University. His research investigated the economic and environmental costs and benefits of implementing different waste management options/systems at Dalhousie. He has worked with the Office of Sustainability on waste management projects as well as Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS). Chad researched different opportunities for the University to decrease the tonnage of material going to the landfill from within the existing material streams. In his spare time Chad enjoys surfing, traveling, and creating music.

Mohsin Rizvi
Energy Efficiency Officer
, 2012

Mike Petrosoniak
Energy Systems Officer, 2012



Diane Connors

Communications Officer, 2011-2012

Diane was a Masters student with the Dalhousie School for Resources and Environmental Studies.  She completed her Bachelor of Design with the University of Alberta and pursues using design to better communicate sustainability issues and information to people.  Her academic interests include fisheries and oceans issues, community based management, and sustainable development in areas with high conservation value. Diane enjoyed working at the Office of Sustainability and helping the Dal campus become a greener place.

Trisha Dempsey

Communications & Education Officer, 2009-2011

Trisha Dempsey was a MA student in Social Anthropology. She has cultivated her environmental interests outside her formal education through monitoring tree growth in Kejimkujik National Park, researching green buildings in Halifax for the Ecology Action Centre, and assisting with the development of eco-tourism projects in Costa Rica as a component of an Environmental Leadership Program. Trisha enjoys the outdoor environment by hiking trails, running in Point Pleasant Park, and creating art with natural materials.

Derek Robinson

Office Summer Staff, 2011

Derek Robinson was a student with the School of Planning completing a degree in Community and Urban Design with a minor in Environmental Studies. He enjoys photography, music and fashion. Throughout his career he hopes to better integrate human and natural systems while designing more livable and sustainable neighbourhoods and communities.

Kathrin Munro

Projects Officer, 2011

Kathrin Munro completed her MSc from Memorial University in Environmental Science. Her research examined Boreal Owl habitat associations in western Newfoundland and how habitat suitability may change over time given various forest harvesting techniques. She worked with the Office of Sustainability on multiple projects, including Dalhousie’s natural environment plan and a university-wide waste audit.

Neil Gillis

Office Summer Staff, 2011

Gary Davidson

Waste Management Projects Officer, 2010-2011

Gary Davidson is a recent MREM graduate from the School for Resource and Environmental Studies here at Dal. He worked with the Office of Sustainability on waste management projects including conducting waste audits, working on forming a waste management plan, and designing a best practices manual for use by the ICI sector in Nova Scotia. He also worked at Dal as a TA and was actively involved in the Dal Toastmasters club where he served as club president. In his spare time, Gary enjoys playing guitar, playing golf, and travelling.

Heather Elliott

Programs Officer - Sustainability Certificate Program, Summer 2010 

Heather was a Master of Environmental Studies student in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies (SRES) at Dal. While her academic research focused on students and sustainability in higher education, her work with the Office of Sustainability was focused on designing a certificate program for Dalhousie staff concerning sustainability. Heather was the VP External of the Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students (DAGS), co-chair of the SRES Student Society and a volunteer with various environmental groups including the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, Young Naturalists' Club of Nova Scotia, the New Brunswick Environmental Network and SustainDal.  

Christopher Boyle

Education Officer for the Office of Sustainability, 2009

Christopher Boyle completed a Masters degree in Resource and Environmental Management at Dalhousie.  His main passions in life are environmental education and community development. He has worked for a variety of non-profit organizations on many interesting projects and he was delighted to be able to work at the Office of Sustainability as the Communications and Education Officer.

Erica Fisher

Climate Change Co-ordinator, 2010


Erica graduated with a Master of Resource and Environmental Management student in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies. Her work for the office focused on climate change, especially understanding what a changing climate might mean for the Dal campus and community. In her spare time Erica is interested in sustainable living, and is also an urban ecosystem enthusiast!

Charles Harrington

Projects Officer for the Office of Sustainability, 2008-2010


Charles is a Materials Engineering graduate from Dal. He worked with the Office of Sustainability since the summer of 2008, beginning as an environmental auditor. His position of projects officer allowed him to be involved with a number of exciting processes such as campus upgrades and sustainable transportation planning. Areas of interest are renewable energy technologies and green buildings. Recreational enjoyments include hiking, camping and cycling.

James Steenberg


James has worked on collecting data for the natural environment inventory, participating in planning and conducting nature walks for the Office of Sustainability.

James Steenberg was MES graduate from Dalhousie’s School for Resource and Environmental Studies. His areas of expertise are forest ecology and management, climate change, urban forests, and GIS/modelling. He wrote HRM’s Urban Forest Master Plan with Dr. Peter Duinker. He has been involved in a review of climate change and sustainable forest management for the federal government, and field work for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

Matt Follet

Matt Follet was a team leader for natural environment plan, and he is a trained aborist with many years of experience. In his spare time, Matt can be found climbing trees!


Meaghan Richardson

Idle-free project staff, 2009-2010



Meaghan Richardson has an environmental science degree and has worked in the environmental analytical field. Meaghan worked with the Office on the idle-free project.

Milena McWatt

Sustainability Events Planner for the Office of Sustainability, 2008-2009

Milena McWatt completed her Master of Resource and Environmental Management program at SRES.  Her interests are centralized around environmental education, branching out to urban agriculture and international development.  Milena enjoyed working at the Office of Sustainability helping to coordinate special sustainability events (and occasionally riding her bicycle around campus in the Dalhousie Tiger suit).

Keren Lifshitz

Sustainability Events Planner for the Office of Sustainability, 2008-2009

Summer Staff 2008

Back row (L-R): Yuxia Dong, Jesse Joice

Front row (L-R): Charles Harrington, Jamie Tax, Victoria Goodday