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Pets of Dalhousie, Holiday edition: Final Day

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on December 17, 2021 in Community Highlights

Thanks to all the faculty, staff and students who have submitted photos of their furry friends getting into the holiday spirit.

We've been showcasing new pets each day this week and today is the festive finale! On Monday, you'll have the opportunity to cast your vote for Best-Dressed Pet.


What: A 2-year old former street dog from the Dominican Republic who has been in Canada for one year now.

Lives with: Marcie Nixon, benefits assistant at Central HR

Ideal gift: Some warm winter coats for these Canadian winters and lots of treats!!  




What: She's just about 11 years old (she's a rescue pup, so that's best guess).

Lives with: AnnMarie MacKinnon, editorial manager, DAL Magazine

Ideal gift: She's looking forward to getting into the Dog Nog over the holidays and would love for Santa to replenish the T-R-E-A-T supply (yes, she can spell)!



What: 11-year old British Shorthair.

Lives with: Leanne Stevens, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience

Ideal gift: To never have to wear festive attire again. And tuna. Always tuna.


What: The most handsome 9 year old Shetland Sheepdog.

Lives with: Caitlyn Hutchison, manager of residence operation on the Agricultural Campus

Ideal gift: Caper’s ideal gift would be anything he can chase – a ball, frisbee or squirrel – it doesn’t matter to him! He’s also hoping there might be some treats in these gifts for him.


Mai, Piper, Florence and Griffin

What: Mai is a female, Calico, Norwegian Forest Cat (we think), 14 years old. Griffin (black) and Piper (grey) are brothers, one and a half year old rescue kitties (adopted through Healing Animal SCARS – Cat rescue group). Florence is a female, Calico, short haired Bahamian pot cat, 4 months old (adopted through the South Paw Conservation Association of Nova Scotia).

Live with: Genevieve MacIntyre, manager of student recruitment, communications and marketing, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Ideal gifts: Griffin would like someone to clean him for once – he tends to be the groomer more than the groomed. Piper would like an endless game of Go Fetch. Florence would like at least a bite of whatever it is that you’re eating. Mai would like Peace on Earth…and by “Peace on Earth” she means “Peace (and quiet) on her part of the earth”.

Metadata Futurecat

What: A domestic shorthair who loves helping me decorate, wrap gifts, unwrap gifts and undecorate. She is twelve years old, spry and mischievous.

Lives with: Nicole Maunsell, communications manager in the Faculty of Management

Ideal gift: Meta's love language is quality time with me operating the laser pointer.


Sidney Crosby

What: Sid is a  6 month short haired domestic kitten. He’s spunky, playful and yet very affectionate. He loves to eat Veggie Sticks, chicken, salmon and just about anything else that falls on to the floor from a dinner plate lol! He loves chewing on our daughters barbie shoes and scratching the stair runner like it’s a scratching post. But he’s our fur baby and we love him to pieces.

Lives with: Jamie Croon, Financial Services, Accounts Payable

Ideal gift: As Sid is relatively new to our family we are still getting to know him. However, Sid would really like a day full of delicious soft food instead of the crunchy, hard to chew stuff. He would like some more soft toys to chase around the house. He would really love to have all day snuggles.


What: 2-year-old mini dachshund

Lives with: Laurel Munroe, Director of Communications and Public Relations with Communications, Marketing and Creative Services

Ideal gift: Suzy would like Santa to bring her a bucket full of yellow Kong tennis balls (size S) and lots of cheese.


Clyde and Puffy

What: Our two cats, Clyde (left) and Puffy (right) – name chosen by our daughter. Clyde is 8 years old and enjoys sleeping close to anything that produces heat. Puffy is 3 years old with a lot of fur and we consider him our Covid cat because we took him in as a stray during the lock down in the spring of 2020. He enjoys snuggling with our daughter and wrestling with Clyde.

Lives with: Graham Denman, CTS, technician – Classroom Technologies, Academic Technology Services, University Libraries

Ideal gift: The ideal gift for them would be Fancy Feast cat food. They are both crazy about getting their serving canned food in the morning so they would especially enjoy the good stuff!   


What: Three year old Tuxedo cat.

Lives with: Alyssa Frost, HR advisor, Faculty of Medicine

Ideal gift: This is Sampson’s first year being around a Christmas Tree and I think it’s safe to say that he’s the cutest gift under my tree this year! Sampson’s ideal gift is a new “ball with a bell” to play with in the bathtub. He chases the ball around the tub and when it inevitably falls in the drain, it’s the ultimate reward to dig it back out (and repeat). Keeps him entertained for hours. 


What: A one year old Golden Doodle.

Lives with: Shanna Trenaman, postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Medicine

Ideal gift: Ginger would love a pool to go swimming in!



Elvis Purrsley

What: 3-year-old domestic long haired cat, retired from the streets of Miramichi in September 2020.

Lives with: Chris Vickers, Assistant Registrar, International Recruitment & Admissions (Student Affairs)

Ideal gift: A donation of your time, money or needed supplies to your local SPCA.



Deebo and Daisy

What: Deebo (4 yrs) and Daisy (1 yr) are miniature dachshunds.

Lives with: Alicia Kirk, office and HR manager, Financial Services

Ideal gift: Deebo and Daisy hope all their furriends cared for by the Atlantic Canadian Dachshund Rescue find good health and loving homes this holiday season. Oh, and maybe a few jars of peanut butter under the tree from Santa Paws!


What: 3-month-old kitty, adopted from the SPCA.

Lives with: Owen MacDonald, Financial Services Cashier

Ideal gift: For Christmas this year, Larry would like more of his favorite toys, which are little pom pom balls, to make up for all the ones he has lost under the stove! Lol!





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