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Pets of Dalhousie, Holiday edition: Day One

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on December 13, 2021 in Community Highlights

Thanks to all the faculty, staff and students who have submitted photos of their furry friends getting into the holiday spirit.

Want to join in? You can find details at the bottom of this post on how to sumit your own photos.

We'll have new pets to showcase each day this week, with a vote on Best Dressed Pet next Monday. 


What: Ravenous furry food monster disguised as a chocolate field Labrador.

Lives with: Full-time personal assistants, Hannah Pugh and Allan Thomson, from the Faculty of Agriculture's International office and Engineering Department.

Ideal gift: Hattie would love a well-aged tenderized deer carcass for Christmas, or really anything to eat. Definitely no hats, though. Despite her name, Hattie hates hats and all outfits, so here is her hating our favourite Christmas tradition of having her dressed up for a Christmas card, which we then send to family and friends. (Photo credit Kate J Messer photography)


What: Mini Australian Labradoodle

Lives with: Pamela Decker, graduate administrator with Dal's Department of English.

Ideal gift: For Christmas, she would love anything chewable. 

Why she is special: This three-month old pup joined our family just one month ago, but we can hardly remember a time without her!

George Harrison

What: The coolest and floofiest boy in Truro. He’s a 5-ish-year-old rescue who we came to find out later (once his mane grew out) is a Siberian.

Lives with: Colette Wyllie, program manager of extended learning in the Faculty of Agriculture.

Ideal gift: George would like some compliments on his bow tie, followed by some treats and a nice long snuggle. He also loves naps, insect friends, and warm radiators, and ironically, is terrified of guitars.  

Ticino, Javan, Tatiana and new baby girl

What: Bernese Mountain Dogs (On bench: Ticino. Front, left to right: unnamed, Javan, Tatiana.

Live with: Terri Collins, Financial Administrator, Athletics & Recreation

Ideal gift: Snow — they are Bernese Mountain Dogs after all!




What: Nova Scotia Duck toller

Lives with: Michelle Mahoney, receptionist and career development office assistant with the Schulich School of Law.

Ideal gift: He wants a ball. That's all he likes to play with.



Victor Hugo

What: Part Tuxedo Cat, part mixed breed.

Lives with: Vanessa Jubis, marketing manager, digital & social media with Communications, Marketing & Creative Services.

Ideal gift: Victor Hugo thinks cans of turkey and cheese dinner cat food makes the purrfect stocking stuffer.


Submissions should be sent to While our intention is to showcase as many pets as possible, this is a limited-time run, so don't miss out on the fun!

What we need from you

Your pet's name and description

Your name and role at Dal

The image of your pet(s)

A short note saying what gift you think they might want this holiday season (optional)