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Pets of Dalhousie, Holiday edition: Day Four

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on December 16, 2021 in Community Highlights

Thanks to all the faculty, staff and students who have submitted photos of their furry friends getting into the holiday spirit.

Want to join in? You can find details at the bottom of this post on how to sumit your own photos.

We'll have new pets to showcase each day this week, with a vote on Best Dressed Pet next Monday.


What: A one-year-old Wheaten Terrier

Lives with: Janet Dyson; Content Specialist, Advancement Communications; Ryan McNutt; Associate Director, Integrated Communications & Publications; Communications, Marketing & Creative Services

Ideal gift: The world's biggest Kong toy, full of treats and pumpkin and cheese, cheese and more cheese.


Eddie and Harley

What: Our Furkitties who are 2. Brother and sister Eddie (grey and always mean-mugging people) and Harley (white and grey).

Lives with: Jennifer Day, Education Coordinator,  Department of Emergency Medicine   

Ideal gift: Eddie loves fish toys that makes sounds and Harley loves her beanie George Pig (from Peppa Pig).  This holiday season, both could use new toys!

Gus and Linus

What: Gus is 7.5 years old and loves to go on adventures, visiting his neighbours for extra love; Linus, 8.5 years old, will do tricks for treats.

Lives with: Miriam Gordon, Assistant Dean, International and Senior Instructor, Faculty of Agriculture

Ideal gift: Gus would like a new laser pointer. Linus would like dried shrimp treats.


What: 1 year old orange tabby cat.

Lives with: J.J. Choo, Senior Clerk, Student Accounts

Ideal gift: Maple would love several gifts for Christmas, but not limited to - kitty treats, baked goods, spicy chips and all the toilet paper she can shred and have can have endless hours of play time.



What: A Havanese Maltese mix.

Lives with: Cindy Bray. Gift Compliance Officer, Office of Advancement.

Ideal gift: Max would like some small kong stuffies that he can run around with and play keep away from mom and dad. He would also like some treats, his favorite being lamb liver.


Shadow Cat and Toby

What: Shadow Cat is an angry black soot and terrible mouser — or, more accurately, a short-haired domestic who earned his name by tripping humans. Toby is a good ol' mutt! This senior citizen was rescued from a shelter in Kentucky, USA. The rescue organization guesstimate is he's a Shepard Collie Mix; however, dog owners, vets, and passerbyers are certain he is also a golden.

Lives with: Rina R. Wehbe, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Ideal gift: Shadow Cat: "This year instead of a gift under the tree, I'd like a perch high above. Ideally a cat hammock or tree near a window." Toby: "An Elvis-style cheese burger. Double pattie, american cheese, bacon, and smothered with peanut butter!"

Sunny Cornelius

What: Sunny is a 10 year old west highland terrier who loves walks on the beach and when he isn’t playing catch with his stuffy, taking drives with his head out the window or chasing birds out of the backyard, he is usually busy on nap patrol.

Lives with: Peggy Alexiadis Brown, Program Evaluation Specialist with Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick.

Ideal gift: Sunny would love a cat as a gift- no not really- but seriously- Sunny would love a tasty bone or the first to taste test the turkey.


Missed out on any of the festivities? View photos from Day One, Day Two and Day Three.

Submissions should be sent ASAP to While our intention is to showcase as many pets as possible, this is a limited-time run, so don't miss out on the fun!

What we need from you

Your pet's name and description

Your name and role at Dal

The image of your pet(s)

A short note saying what gift you think they might want this holiday season (optional)