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One‑Minute Meeting with Alisha Johnson

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on November 23, 2021 in Community Highlights

Three questions, each answered in 150 words or less. One-Minute Meeting is a quick and easy way to get to know more about your colleagues, new and old. Learn how you can nominate someone at the bottom of this post and read more about the series on Dal News.

Today's meeting is with Alisha Johnson, who is Manager of Alumni Relations in the Faculty of Agriculture.
What’s your favourite thing about working at Dal?

Based on the Agricultural Campus, it’s very easy to say the campus and the people. One of the biggest things I missed, during the pandemic, was not being on campus everyday and enjoying its beauty with every season. The people on the Agricultural Campus – staff, students and alumni alike all feel like one family. I also missed the people throughout the pandemic and until I paused to reflect, I forgot how lucky we really are!

What’s the most surprising thing we might see on your resume/cv?

I may not still include it on my resume today, but I started playing the fiddle and step dancing when I was young. By the time I was in junior high school, I was part of a band, “Fiddles & Feet”. Up until I graduated university (and started working at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College), we toured the Maritimes and even travelled to Alberta, playing at many conferences, special events and shows, every month. During that time, we also recorded two CD’s.  
What’s the strangest job experience you’ve ever had?

When I was first hired, full-time at the Nova Scotia Agriculture College (now the Faculty of Agriculture), my executive director tasked me with playing a Facebook game, FarmVille. He thought it was a great way to engage and interact with our alumni and students – and it was. But having never played video games and newly graduated from university, it felt so odd being paid to play a virtual game, on Facebook!

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