Paul Schenk's Retirement Party

Drinks and chat before the ceremony

(L to R)Best side of Milton Graves; back of Jennifer Van der Gaag talking to Marcos Zentilli; Paul Robinson talking with Gordon Brown and Darlene Van der Rijt; Alice Giddy talking with Peter Reynolds; in back, Nick Wilson talking with Jennifer Russel; Back of Becky Jamieson talking with Pat Ryall and John Waldron; Jane barrett and Tom Martel in back.



Chat and drinks before the ceremony



More drinks and chat before the ceremony.



Just a little more drinks and chat before the ceremony.



Paul and Lubomir Jansa share a private joke



Peter Reynolds (Chair) with a few kind words
about Paul and his career.



Marcos Zentilli ( flanked by Franco and Caterina Medioli on the left, and
Thomas Martel (B.Sc. 1979/Ph.D. 1990), Dean Warwick Kimmons and
David Brown (B.Sc. 1979) on the right) tells us his version of the world
of P.E. Schenk and the Geology Department.



Barrie Clarke Reads the text of An Appreciation of
Paul Schenk on the Occasion of his Retirement.



Paul is called to answer for his crimes.



Paul lets the secret slip, that it was
Josh who was the real brains behind him.



Paul with a token of our appreciation.



Closeup of the token
Presented to
Paul E. Schenk
on the occasion of his retirement from the
Department of Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University
in warm appreciation from his colleages and friends
July 1997