Michael Freund

Professor, Harry Shirreff Chair of Chemical Research, and Director of the Clean Technologies Research Institute


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Email: michael.freund@dal.ca
Phone: (902) 494-2041
Mailing Address: 
Department of Chemistry
Dalhousie University
6243 Alumni Crescent
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax NS B3H 4R2

Research Topics:
  • Electrochemistry
  • Conjugated polymers
  • Solar fuels
  • Artificial photosynthesis
  • Organic electronics
  • Machine olfaction
  • Surface science


  • BSc, Florida Atlantic University
  • PhD, University of Florida
  • PDF, California Institute of Technology

Research Interests:

We study electronic materials and composites for use in energy storage/conversion, electronic memory and for creating sensor arrays for machine olfaction.  We combine a wide range of synthesis and characterization techniques to design and create the next generation of devices that will impact energy utilization and technology.

Selected Awards and Honours:      

  • Director of the Clean Technologies Research Institute
  • Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, 2013
  • Tier 2 Canada Research Chair, 2003-2013
  • NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement, 2012
  • University Outreach Award, 2012
  • University Merit Award for Research and Service (2013, 2009, 2008, 2004)

Selected Publications:

  • M. McDonald, M. S. Freund and P. T. Hammond: "Catalytic, Conductive Bipolar Membrane Interfaces via Layer-by-Layer Deposition for the Design of Membrane-Integrated Artificial Photosynthesis Systems" ChemSusChem, 10: 4599-4609 (2017) Invited submission to special issue on Artificial Photosynthesis for Sustainable Fuels
  • S. Chabi, K. M. Papadantonakis, N. S. Lewis and M. S. Freund*: “Membranes for Artificial Photosynthesis” Energy Environ. Sci. 10: 1320-1338 (2017) Review
  • S. K. Ryman, N. D. B. Bruce and M. S. Freund: "Investigation of Conducting Composite Sensor Array Temporal Responses for Machine Olfaction using Artificial Intelligence" Sensors & Actuators: B. 231: 666-674 (2016)
  • T. P. Kaloni, P. K. Giesbrecht, G. Schreckenbach and M. S. Freund: “Polythiophene: From Fundamental Perspectives to Applications” Chem. Mat., 29: 10248-10283.  Invited Perspective
  • P. Giesbrecht, J. P. Bruce and M. S. Freund: “Covalent Attachment of 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene to Silicon Surfaces for Improved Junction Behavior of Conducting Polymer/Silicon Contacts” ChemSusChem, 9: 109-117 (2015)
  • J. P. Bruce, S. Asgari, S. Ardo, N. S. Lewis, D. R. Oliver and M. S. Freund: “Measurement of the Electrical Resistance of n-type Si Microwire/p-type Conducting Polymer Junctions for Use in Artificial Photosynthesis” J. Phys. Chem. C, 119: 3979-3989 (2015)