Marine Biology


Areas of study

Paul Bentzen Population genetics, evolutionary genetics, molecular ecology, conservation biology, fisheries, fish.View full bio
Don Bowen Ecology, behaviour and population dynamics of marine mammals. View full bio
Suzanne Budge "My research is broadly centered in marine lipids but my primary focus involves understanding how lipids are transferred through trophic levels. I want to better understand the influence of dietary fats on the fatty acid composition of fish tissues and design methods to use this information to estimate diets in marine fish." View full bio
Roger Croll Comparative neurobiology, ctenophore, nervous system, immunohistochemistry, anatomy and morphometrics, behaviour, in vitro physiological preparations and advanced imaging techniques. View full bio
Glenn Crossin behavioural ecology, evolutionary physiology, animal physiology, freshwater and marine fish, birds, telemetry, physiological sampling techniques. View full bio
Christophe Herbinger Quantitative/Population Genetics: pedigree algorithm, relatedness, heritability, breeding value estimation, tree breeding, aquaculture genetics, QTL mapping, Marker Assisted Selection.View full bio
Sara Iverson Evolutionary ecology, behaviour and conservation biology of fishes.View full bio
Heike Lotze Human impacts on marine species and ecosystems and their consequences for the ocean and society.View full bio
Daniel Ruzzante Ecological mechanisms that are responsible for the evolution of diversity and to the conservation of that diversity in fish (the genetic diversity that exists within species) in a world of ever increasing human impact. View full bio
Allison Schmidt Ecology, Marine Biology. View full bio
Fred Whoriskey Marine Biology, Ocean Tracking Network. View full bio
Anna Metaxas Marine Biology, Department of Oceanography, Larval Biology & Ecology of Marine Benthic Invertebrates. View full bio
Boris Worm Causes and consequences of changes in marine biodiversity, and its conservation on a global scale. View full bio