Cell Biology


Areas of study

Joe Bielawski

Adaptive evolution, molecular evolution, molecular phylogenetics, genomics.  View full  bio

Patrice Côté

Developmental neurobiology, muscular dystrophy, synapse formation, retina, muscle, sodium channel, dystrophin, dystroglycan. View full bio

Roger Croll

Comparative neurobiology, ctenophore, nervous system, immunohistochemistry, anatomy and morphometrics, behaviour, in vitro physiological preparations and advanced imaging techniques. View full bio

Tamara Franz-Odendaal

Understanding animal diversity; specifically the development and evolution of the craniofacial skeleton. View full bio

Arunika Gunawardena

Programmed cell death, apoptosis, lace plant, Aponogeton madagascariensis, plant development, cell biology, perforation formation, caspases, ethylene, developmental PCD. View full bio

Brian Hall

Development and evolution of skeletal tissues, developmental biology, neural crest cell development and evolution , Hymenochirus (dwarf African frog) development, evolutionary developmental biology, palaeontology and development. View full bio

Bob Lee

Evolution of organelle genetic systems in green algae. View full bio

Ian Meinertzhagen

Circuits of identified neurons in siple nervous systmes in Drosophila and Ciona intestinalis, their origins in ontogency and evolution, their functionand plasticity in adults. View full bio

Alastair Simpson

Origin and early evolution of eukaryotes, Protistan biodiversity, phylogenetics and systematics, Protistan ultrastructure, and molecular evolution. View full bio

Sophia Stone

Plant developmental biology, molecular and cell biology, Arabidopsis thaliana, protein ubiquitination, regulated proteolysis, kinase signaling. View full bio