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Plant Biology


Areas of study  

Arunika Gunawardena Programmed cell death, apoptosis, lace plant, Aponogeton madagascariensis, plant development, cell biology, perforation formation, caspases, ethylene, developmental PCD. View full bio
Christophe Herbinger Quantitative/Population Genetics: pedigree algorithm, relatedness, heritability, breeding value estimation, tree breeding, aquaculture genetics, QTL mapping, Marker Assisted Selection. View full bio
Mark Johnston Evolution, ecology and genetics of plants, mutation rate, polyploidy, natural selection, mating systems, self-fertilization, flower development, molecular evolution. View full bio
Bob Latta Ecology, Evolution and Genetics of Plants, Stream A, Avena, Ponderosa Pine, Gene Flow, Hybridization, Local Adaptation, Evolutionary Trade-off, Population Ecology, Botany, Ecological Genetics. View full bio
Bob Lee Evolution of organelle genetic systems in green algae. View full bio
Sophia Stone Plant developmental biology, molecular and cell biology, Arabidopsis thaliana, protein ubiquitination, regulated proteolysis, kinase signaling. View full bio