The Aquatron system provides a flow-through seawater system to labs on eight floors. We also have access to a 15-metre pool tank, a 10-metre deep tower tank, and 15 environmentally controlled wet labs with aquarium space.

Marine Gene Probe Laboratory

MGPL is a basic and applied research facility in molecular and statistical genetics accessed in house by resident researchers and used as a regional facility for the development and application of molecular tools.

Greenhouse and the Cacti and Succulent Collection

The biology greenhouse is used to grow plants for teaching, research and display. It consists of eight growing rooms, each with independent controls for temperature and light (and soon humidity). Adjacent space is provided for the Biology Herbarium, potting and soil storage functions

Thomas McCulloch Museum

The most important exhibit in this Victorian-style natural history museum is Thomas McCulloch's collection of mounted birds which dates back to the 1830s. This facility also houses the Lorenzen ceramic mushrooms, sea shells, tropical fish and insects along with occasional temporary exhibits.

Scientific Imaging Suite

The Scientific Imaging facility provides both researcher and student access to imaging capabilities of modern transmission electron microscopes, a scanning electron microscope, light microscopes including the confocal unit, and image processing and printing services