Class Schedule

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Please note:

  • All Fall 2020 classes will be held online. Most lectures will be ASYNCHRONOUS, meaning students can watch anytime (they will be recorded). There will be occasional SYNCHRONOUS elements for example, small group discussions, or live guest lectures. Those will be held at the lecture times listed below but will not require the full 3 hours. Instructors will ensure that no students who are unable to attend the synchronous sessions live will be disadvantaged. When possible these elements will be recorded to allow for watching later. See the Timetable for further details about specific courses. More details and revised course syllabi will be provided over the summer.
  • Responding to a changing environment, the MI course offerings and schedules are under constant review. The School of Information Management cannot guarantee the availability of a particular course, and reserves the right to change course schedules when necessary.
  • When necessary changes are made to course schedules/course frequency, these constraints prevent the offering of that course content in another format during that academic year.

Fall 2020

Classes run Sept 8th-Dec 8th, 2020
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
INFO 6400
Knowledge Management
M. Pluzhenskaya
INFO 6840
Content Management Systems
K. Lawson
INFO 5530
Information Sources, Services & Retrieval
D. Hemming
INFO 6560
Information Resources Management
J. Makani
INFO 5590
Information Management Systems
C. Conrad
MWB Tutorial
S. Toze
INFO 6630
User Experience
R. Deschamps
INFO 5500
Information in Society
P. Mongeon
INFO 6681
Geospatial Information Management
J. Grek Martin
INFO 5515
Organization of Information
M. Pluzhenskaya
INFO 6860
Archives II
P. Bannister
MGMT 5000
Management Without Borders
S. Toze


Winter 2020

Coming soon