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Class Schedule

View the Academic Timetable for a comprehensive list of classes. For assistance navigating the Timetable visit the Academic Support page. For online courses, synchronous classes will be negotiated between the instructor and students at the start of the term.

Responding to a changing environment, the MLIS course offerings and schedules are under constant review. The School of Information Management cannot guarantee the availability of a particular course, and reserves the right to change course schedules when necessary.

Winter 2018

Classes run Jan 8th-Apr 10th
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
INFO 5590
Information Management Systems
M. Smit
Rowe 1016/McCain 2019
INFO 6810
Managing Information Literature Instruction
L. McNiff
McCain 1170
INFO 6620
Web Design & Architecture
K. Lawson
Dunn 301A
INFO 6330
Cataloguing & Classification
L. Spiteri
Rowe 3080 
INFO 6270: 
Introduction to Data Science
B. Yu
Rowe 3080
INFO 6100
Information in Public Policy & Decision Making
B. MacDonald
McCain 2016
INFO 6860
Archives II
C. Barrett
Rowe 1009
INFO 5570
Organizational Management & Strategy
V. Howard
Rowe 3001
INFO 6640
Expert Searching
D. Silvio
McCain 1130
INFO 6450
Services & Resources for Children
V. Howard
McCain 1198
INFO 6540
Data Management
E. Mitraka
Rowe 1016/McCain 2019
INFO 5520
Research Methods
J. Grek Martin
Rowe 1007


INFO 6370 Records Management (L. Spiteri)
INFO 6750 Health Sciences Literature & Info Sources (R.Parker/M.Helwig)

SUMMER 2018:

ONLINE: INFO 6070 Reading & Reading Practices (L. Tarulli)
ONLINE: INFO 6300 Government Information Resources
(C. McGoveran)