Work‑Integrated Learning

In the MI program, we facilitate work-integrated learning not only within the classroom where students are encouraged to create meaning, manage, and reflect on their learning but also outside the classroom through practicumspaid opportunities, and student groups. Furthermore, many programs exist, on and off campus, for students wishing to certify their leadership skills.

Professional Development


"The practicum provided an important opportunity for me to pursue a focused interest in the IM field - an intensive, focused experience in the field I want to pursue. The practicum complemented my coursework by facilitating opportunities to test out the knowledge and skills I learned in the classroom in a practical setting. Overall, completing my practicum sandwiched between the two years of the MLIS program proved to me how much I’ve learned in the last year and helped me to better understand the areas I would like to learn more about in the coming year." - Deborah Hemming, MLIS '17

Paid Opportunities

To provide MI students with some income and additional professional experience during their program, the local community (e.g., Dalhousie Libraries & Archives, Saint Mary’s University, Public Safety, Public Archives of Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick Public Library Service) offers our students competitive employment/internship opportunities each year. Additionally, competitive student, teaching, and research assistantship opportunities and marker positions are forwarded to MI students. 

Student Groups

Student groups provide further opportunities for students to gain valuable communication, organization, and management experience and build their networks.

Information Science Student Association (ISSA)

ISSA provides a forum for Dalhousie’s MI students to share information and coordinate various ideas and talents among the wider Faculty of Management.

ISSA is designed to promote good relations and exchange of ideas between the students and faculty, as well as with other graduate students on campus and the professional community.

Information Without Borders (IWB) Conference

IWB is an annual student-run conference held on the Dalhousie campus annually in February. The conference theme changes every year to reflect student interests. Past themes include:

  • Managing Health Information
  • Information Management for Climate Change Adaptation
  • Privacy, Security and Surveillance: Developments and Challenges in the Information Age
  • Evolving Professions: Working Within the Information Economy
  • Open Access and Closed Content: The Information Dichotomy
  • Change Management: Anticipation and Adaptation in the Information Landscape
  • Pathways, Portals and Peoples: Managing Information Globally
  • I.M. Easy Tech: Information Technologies – Transforming Professions
  • Information Management: Sustaining Communities
  • Leadership in an Information Rich Society

Students can assist with the planning and execution of the conference by serving as co-chairs or chairs in the following areas: programming, logistics, fundraising & finance, registration, web and communications.

Dalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary Management (DJIM)

DJIM is a student-led initiative aimed at publishing Dalhousie graduate student work of the highest quality and significance in all areas of management. Students can serve as members of the editorial or technical team.

YA Hotline

The YA Hotline is one of the oldest YA journals in the world. Since 1977, the YA Hotline has been researched, written and produced by Dalhousie School of Information Management students enrolled in Services and Resources for Young Adults (INFO 6250). The newsletter contains information and resources for young adults and young adult librarians, including book reviews, resource lists, bibliographies, feature articles, interviews and more. Each issue explores a different theme of interest to teens and practitioners in school and public libraries.

YA Hotline celebrated its 35th anniversary with a dramatic change of format. It is now available online free of charge. Twenty back issues (dating to 2005) have been archived and digital issues from 94 onward are available on the website.

Questions and comments can be sent to YA Hotline Editor, Vivian Howard (



There are many programs offered on and off campus for students who wish to certify their leadership skills. These are a great addition to any resume.

Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

The CCR is an official document from Dalhousie that will recognize students' accomplishments and the experiential learning that occurs outside of the classroom, including campus-life and community engagement, volunteer and service leadership and awards for exemplary contributions.


DALConnects is a free program that allows students to turn volunteer hours into a leadership certificate. The program offers several paths and levels to choose from, allowing you to tailor the experience to your interests. 

Step Up to Leadership

This is a free 10-session course offered by Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Volunteer Services. The course covers a wide range of topics and is intended to help you develop leadership skills and build strong communities.

Futurpreneur Canada

Futurpreneur helps aspiring business owners aged 18-30 launch successful businesses, through financing and mentoring.