Grading Policy

The Faculty of Graduate Studies does not accept credit for a grade lower than B-. Since the MI is a graduate degree program, we are bound by this regulation.



Demonstrates original work of distinction.



Demonstrates high-level command of the subject matter and an ability for critical analysis.



Demonstrates above-average command of the subject matter.



Demonstrates average command of the subject matter.



Demonstrates acceptable command of the subject matter.



Demonstrates minimally acceptable command of the subject matter.



Unacceptable for credit towards a Master's degree.

Failing Grades

  • One F grade is allowable. Failed required courses must be repeated; electives may be repeated or replaced at the discretion of the Program Director. A minimum, or passing, grade of B- must be achieved in the repeated course.
  • Two F grades result in an immediate and automatic withdrawal (academic dismissal) from the program.

Late submissions

The instructor reserves the right to penalize students for the submission of late papers and assignments. Refer to the course syllabus for detailed information.

Grade Definitions

AUD (Audit)

Full-time graduate students are allowed to audit one full course (two half courses) for each year of a degree program. Read more about auditing a course.

ILL (Illness)

A grade of ILL will be recorded if, and only if, a medical certificate is submitted by the student.

INC (Incomplete)

This grade is reported only when some special circumstance, e.g., the death of a close relative, makes it impossible for the student to complete the work. The student must approach the professor before the end of the class with a valid excuse expressed in writing. A copy of the request is sent to the Director. The professor makes arrangements for the student to complete the work after the normal class period. A grade change is made if the work is completed within Faculty deadlines.

IP (In Progress)

Used only for theses and those classes listed in the calendar as "open to independent completion of study."

P (Pass)

Passing grade for non-credit courses.