Recruiting Events

For several years, top Canadian employers have come to Dalhousie’s Faculty of Management to recruit top talent. These employers regularly advertise and visit campus with the sole purpose of attracting you as a prospective employee. 

Employer information sessions

Our on-campus information sessions are the most traditional of recruiting events. Recruiters will host 30–90 minute sessions to speak about their organization and upcoming opportunities and to mingle with potential applicants. Attending an information session is a great way for you to learn about employment opportunities, meet hiring representatives and make a great first impression.

Visit the myCareer events calendar to see which employers are coming on campus.

Recruiting events

Management Career Services also coordinates interactive recruiting events where multiple employers come together to recruit from a pool of student candidates.

Each fall Management Career Services (MCS) welcomes Canada's top employers to participate in the Rowe Networking Night. Employers join us on campus specifically to assess and recruit Dalhousie students. This is your opportunity to showcase your skills and experience, make industry connections and potentially land a co-op or full-time job! This event is open to students in all years of the Commerce, Management and CRMBA programs.

Recruiting events are designed for a group of students to network and source a number of prospective employment opportunities over a short period of time. These grouped recruiting activities include:

Build Your Confidence and Practice the Art of Networking [INFOGRAPHICS]
Networking Infographics

We’ve developed 3 handy infographics to provide clear tips and advice to help you build your confidence and work up the courage to network like the pros. 

Networking can be scary. Approaching strangers, with the hopes they might be able to help you find a job? That can be intimidating! But there are plenty of reasons why you should network. Click the link above to read on.