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Experience the Dal Difference 

Discover the unqiue mix of education and skills that set our students and grads apart and prepare them to succeed on the job. 

Their success is your success

Our students strive to be the best both in school and on the job. Their accomplishments are proof that they are poised to be the business leaders of tomorrow. 

Grow your business with our talent

Are you new to hiring students? We have tools and resources that can help you every step of the way. 

Scaling up in the Toronto area?

We have just the candidates for you. Our students are highly mobile and eager to make their mark on the Business Capital of Canada. We have more than 200 co-op students still available for hire this fall.

* 96% of GTA-based students were evaluated as excellent or very good by their employers
* 39% of 2017 work terms in Canada were in Ontario

What employers are saying...
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Scott Montreuil, Director, Citco (Canada) Inc.

"By working closely with Management Career Services, CITCO has gained great exposure to students in the business programs at Dalhousie. Their recruitment events allow for students and employers to make genuine connections."