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Wellness is a continuous, individualized and intentional pursuit to achieve one's full potential. The Wellness@Weldon program is designed to promote access to Dalhousie University's Health Wellness services and provide unique resources and simple tools to support law students to develop skills that support overall well-being.

Program Benefits

Students create a personal plan for physical, mental and social well-being by accessing and participating in formal and informal supports from the following six wellness pillars:

Mental Well-Being: Work productively, realize your own abilities and cope with stresses by engaging in activities that help to maintain balance in daily life

    Emotional Strength: Develop inner strength through the practice of self-care, relaxation and stress reduction to manage, learn from, accept and grow from positive and negative emotions.

    Physical Balance: Care for your body by balancing physical activity, nutrition and rest for optimal health and functioning.

    Environmental Harmony: Live a lifestyle that is respectful of your surroundings and encourages you to take action to protect the earth.

    Spiritual Appreciation: Seek meaning and purpose in your experiences to develop harmony with your inner-self and the outside world.

    Social Connection: Interact with and contribute to people and communities to build healthy relationships, develop assertive skills and become comfortable with who you are in social situations.


Dalhousie Supports and Services



Additional Supports for Law Students 


Homewood Health

Homewood Health is the current employee and family assistance program for members of the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society and their practitioners are well versed in addressing the unique needs of legal professionals. This is exclusively for law students at Dalhousie University and is a resource in addition to the resources still available to you through the Dalhousie Health and Wellness Centre. If you choose to practice in Nova Scotia, your coverage will remain consistent through the Nova Scotia Lawyers Assistance Program, which is funded through your practicing fees.

Key benefits of the new Homewood Health Pathfinder platform include:

  • Immediate PulseCheck that will triage you to direct services (coaching, crisis, or resources) based on your response
  • Immediate access and availability to book telephone or video appointments online with trained professionals
  • Access to professional biographies so you can choose the professional who is right for you (this includes the option to speak with a healer or Elder)
  • Ability to receive text notifications and upload appointments to your calendar
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Services cover:
    • Mental Health & Addiction
    • Family & Relationships
    • Legal
    • Financial
    • Health & Nutrition
    • Life Transition
    • Culture & Identity

You are welcome to view the demo at this link.  Homewood Pathfinder - LAWS - Wellness@Weldon (  You must be a member of the Wellness@Weldon Brightspace page to view. 

To download the free Homewood app  Homewood Health on the App Store (
To access the service, please visit
To learn more about Homewood Health, please visit their website


An 8-week training course and resources that focus on theory, meditation, journalling & discussion techniques. 

To Learn more about the mindfulness course click here


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Visit our Wellness@Weldon for a full list of upcoming wellness events and activities including intramurals. We've also compiled lists of our students' favourite self-care and relaxation activities.