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Mary and John Eldon Green Scholarship


The Mary and John Eldon Green Scholarship will annually support one student entering the School of Occupational Therapy and one student entering the School of Social Work.


The Mary and Eldon Green Scholarship was established to sustain the pioneering legacy of John Eldon Green and is awarded annually to two Prince Edward Island masters students, one admitted to enter the School of Social Work and the other to enter the MSc (OT) “entry to practice” program in Occupational Therapy at Dalhousie University. Awards will be presented to the highest ranked student who is a resident of Prince Edward Island on entering each of the two programs. First preference will be MSW students, if no suitable MSW candidate then a BSW candidate will be considered.

Funded by:

The Mary and John Eldon Green Scholarship

Awarding body:

Awards Committee School of Occupational Therapy and Awards Committee School of Social Work, or respective successor committee.


In 1947, following graduation from St. Dustan’s University in Charlottetown, Prince Edward island (PEI), John Eldon Green left PEI to study social work at the National Catholic School of Social Services in Washington, D.C. he returned to Prince Edward Island and spent the next 31 years establishing a province-wide social service system, with extensive linkages to other professions. As Deputy Minister of Social Services, he linked social work and occupational therapy. With a National Welfare Demonstration Grant in the 1970’s, PEI became the first Canadian province to fund occupational therapy in social services, instead of health, to reduce welfare costs and increase the quality of life by working with seniors, persons with disabilities, single parents, developmentally challenged children and more. 

Leaving public service at 55, John Eldon Green spent the next 23 years as a generalist consultant. He “retired” at age 78 to write two books and spend time with his wife Mary and family.