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All MSc PT applicants will receive an email notification before the end of the 2nd week of May on the MScPT Admissions Committee decisions for September 2023.

An important adjustment was recently made to our MScPT curriculum programming.

To align our curriculum with the University’s academic calendar, we have extended the duration of the MScPT program from 24 months (6 terms) to 28 months (7 terms). This means, for those entering the MscPT program in September 2022 and onward, minor adjustments have been made to course timing and duration with the final clinical education courses occurring in the fall term of the 3rd year. (Click on Adjusted Curriculum Schedule to learn more).   

Adjusted Curriculum Schedule

Schedule including Clinical Placements
(All placements are full time)
Year Term Courses
1 Fall, Sept - Dec 2022 ANAT 5217 – Anatomy
PHYT 5101 – Introduction to Physiotherapy
PHYT 5202 – Scientific Inquiry 1
PHYT 5103 – Movement Science
PHYT 5114 – Cardiorespiratory 1
PHYT 5115 – Musculoskeletal 1
1 Winter, Jan - April 2023 PHYT 5214 – Cardiorespiratory 2
PHYT 5215 – Musculoskeletal 2
PHYT 5460 – Exercise Physiology
PHYT 5202 – Scientific Inquiry 1
1 Spring/Summer, May - Aug 2023 PHYT 5501 – Clinical Placement 1
PHYT 5502 – Clinical Placement 2
2 Fall, Sept - Dec 2023 PHYT 6107 – Neurotherapeutics
PHYT 6140 – Neuroscience
PHYT 6115 – Musculoskeletal 3
PHYT 6202 – Scientific Inquiry 2  
2 Winter, Jan - April 2024 PHYT 6501 – Clinical Placement 3
PHYT 6202 – Scientific Inquiry 2
2 Spring/Summer, May - Aug 2024 PHYT 6118 – Integrated Practice 1
PHYT 6218 – Integrated Practice 2
PHYT 6106 – Professional Issues
3 Fall, Sept - Dec 2024 PHYT 6502 – _Clinical Placement 4
PHYT 6503 – _Clinical Placement 5

A detailed timetable and revised tuition fee schedule for this adjustment will be posted as it becomes available throughout the summer of 2022.

About our MScPT Program

Discover the endless opportunities that the profession of Physiotherapy has to offer. Physiotherapy is a diverse and interesting career that involves the study of physical function of the human body in health and disease. The MSc Physiotherapy program educates physiotherapists who excel in their profession through advanced education and research training in the rehabilitation sciences.

The MSc Physiotherapy degree prepares students with the professional education and experience necessary to apply for a license to practice physiotherapy. Basic science content is integrated with physiotherapy-specific course content focusing on the following themes: clinical reasoning and best practices; professionalism, leadership and collaboration; ethical reasoning and cultural sensitivity; innovation and entrepreneurship; therapeutic exercise; health promotion and secondary prevention; and communication.

Clinical education is an integral part of physiotherapy academics. Site visits and clinical placements are taken at a variety of facilities throughout the program and can start as early as September of your first year. The main purpose of the clinical placements is to provide the student with an opportunity, under professional supervision, to practice the assessment and treatment skills and to utilize the knowledge acquired during the academic modules.


If you are considering a career in Physiotherapy, please review the Essential Skills and Attributes


The School of Physiotherapy is committed to increasing the admission of and number of graduates from historically underrepresented groups: persons of Aboriginal/Indigenous ancestry, members of racialized groups, persons of African descent, Acadians, persons with dis/Abilities, and persons belonging to minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity (SOGI) groups.

Admission prerequisites are required for all applicants. However, applicants who apply under the Equitable Admissions Policy are considered on the basis of their qualifications for graduate study in physiotherapy rather than in relation to other candidates.
The School of Physiotherapy encourages applicants who wish to apply under the Equitable Admissions Policy to indicate so on the Graduate Application Form and their Supplementary Application Form.


  • Application and CASPer testing available online September of the preceding year - Dates for testing are available here.
  • Graduate Application Form & pay fee – Dec 1
  • SoP Supplementary Application Form – Jan 13
  • Transcripts – Jan 13
  • Academic & Professional Reference Letter(s) and volunteer confirmation letters – Jan 31
  • Letter of Conditional Acceptance ~ by May-end. (Applicants who have been placed on a waiting list will be contacted if a spot becomes available; this may happen at any time between May and the first week in September.)
  • Start Classes – September Fall term



Enrolment in the program is currently limited to 62 students. A provincial quota system is in place with a specified number of seats allocated annually for residents of Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia. Non-quota seats may be offered to Atlantic Canadians, applicants who reside outside of the Atlantic Provinces and inter-national applicants. If you are unclear about your residency status, please check the Residency Guidelines.  

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