Clinical Education

The MSc PT curriculum is organized over a period of 28 months (7 terms), beginning in September and ending with the fall term in Year 3. During this time you are immersed in a learning environment that includes both academic (on-campus) and clinical education (placements in Atlantic Canada) courses. Our faculty and clinical preceptors are dedicated to the education of physiotherapy in our region. The MSc PT curriculum contains course work in all three fall, winter and spring/summer terms and follows the academic calendar of the university.  

The School has professional connections in Ireland, Scotland, Norway and India where eligible students can go on clinical placements. For more information about international placement opportunities available through the School of Physiotherapy, see Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Global Health Fieldwork/Placements.

Note: All students are responsible for paying travel and living costs associated with clinical placements. Some students may be eligible for travel and accommodation support. Find out more about Study/Work International Fund (SWIF) financial assistance.

Clinical placements provide for the integration and application of learning in a clinical environment. This leads to the development of clinical competencies in each area of practice: Cardiorespiratory (C/R), Musculoskeletal (MSK) and Neuroscience.