Faculty & Staff

Here in the School of Physiotherapy, we've built an excellent team committed to student success:

Alice Aiken
Vice-President Research and Innovation
Tel: (902) 494-6513
Email: alice.aiken@dal.ca
Shaun Boe
Associate Professor
Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Health
Faculty Coordinator, PhD in Health
Tel: (902) 494-6360
Office: Room 429, Forrest Building
Email: s.boe@dal.ca
Gail Creaser
Tel: (902) 494-7736
Office: Room 307, Forrest Building
Email: gail.creaser@dal.ca
Sandra Curwin
Associate Professor
Tel: (902) 494-7735
Office: Room 409, Forrest Building
Email: sandra.curwin@dal.ca
Gail Dechman
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 430, Forrest Building
Tel: (902) 494-2734
Email: gail.dechman@dal.ca
Marie Earl
Assistant Professor
Graduate Coordinator, MSc-PT
Tel: (902) 494-2633
Office: Room 303, Forrest Building
Email: marie.earl@dal.ca
Cheryl Kozey
Tel: (902) 494-2635
Office: Room 316B, Forrest Building
Email: cheryl.kozey@dal.ca
Scott Kehler
Assistant Professor
Tel: (902) 494-2822
Office: Room 402, Forrest Building
Email: scott.kehler@dal.ca

Marilyn MacKay-Lyons

Graduate Coordinator, MScRR-PT
Tel: (902) 494-2632
Office: Room 405, Forrest Building
Email: m.mackay-lyons@dal.ca

Rebecca Moyer
Assistant Professor
Tel: (902) 494-2028
Office: Room 316C, Forrest Building
Email: rebecca.moyer@dal.ca
Derek Rutherford
Associate Director
Associate Professor
Tel: (902) 494-2616
Office: Room 417, Forrest Building
Email: djr@dal.ca
Lynn Shaw
Director OT & Director PT (Interim)
Tel: (902) 494-4213
Office: Room 215, Forrest Building
Email: lynn.shaw@dal.ca
Olga Theou
Canada Research Chair
Assistant Professor
Tel: (902) 494-4248
Office: Room 316A, Forrest Building
Email: olga.theou@dal.ca
Kate Grosweiner
Tel: (902) 494-4522

Office: Room 420, Forrest Building

Email: kgrosweiner@dal.ca
Barbara Kelly

Tel: (902) 494-4522

Office: Room 420, Forrest Building

Email: br243721@dal.ca
Nancy Walker
Tel: (902) 494-4522

Office: Room 420, Forrest Building

Email: nancy.walker@dal.ca
Clinical Education Coordinator
Daphne Pereira
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
Tel: (902) 494-3585

Office: Room 407, Forrest Building

Email: daphne@dal.ca
Administrative Support

Jascinth Butterfield
Administrative Manager
Tel: (902) 494-2629
Office: Room 403, Forrest Building
Email: jbutterf@dal.ca
James Crouse
Tel: (902) 494-1949
Office: Room 302, Forrest Building
Email: james.crouse@dal.ca
Lillian Crump
Communications and Digital Media Specialist
Office: Room 418, Forrest Building
Tel: (902) 494-3616
Email: lil.crump@dal.ca  
Kelly Underwood
Admissions Assistant and Graduate Programs Assistant
Tel: (902) 494-1947
Office: Room 408, Forrest Building
Email: kelly.underwood@dal.ca