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Lynn Irving Scholarship Recipients

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Posted by Lil Crump on October 23, 2017 in News
Lynn Irving and Lynn Irving Scholarship recipients
Lynn Irving and Lynn Irving Scholarship recipients

Evan Belyea and Jonathan Knight with Lynn Irving Photo Credit: Nick Pearce

Evan Belyea and Jonathan Knight, the two recipients of the inaugural Lynn Irving Scholarships, got a chance to thank Lynn Irving in person for her thoughtful generosity.

Lynn shared that,  “it was an honor and a privileged to have been a graduate of the Dalhousie University School of Physiotherapy, I am happy to have the opportunity to support the faculty, staff and students in whatever way that I am able to.”

Lynn acted on her sentiment recently by dropping by the School of Physiotherapy to go for lunch with School Director, Anne Fenety and award recipients Evan and Jonathan.

 “Over lunch, Lynn expressed her joy in supporting the students’ studies. The recipients expressed their gratitude.” Anne conveys, “For my part, I learned that Lynn understands that the true value of generosity exceeds the dollar value and that generosity fosters success.“

Lynn Irving--a consistent, generous donor to the School of Physiotherapy— who has, as Anne puts it,” outdone herself in creating these two scholarships!”

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Lynn Irving Scholarship Recipients
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