Funding Sources

The School of Physiotherapy draws upon a variety of sources to provide three main types of funding to students enrolled in our MScPT and MScRRPT programs: (i) Scholarships (merit based); (ii) Bursaries (financial-need based); and Awards (recognition based).

***Check with the Faculty of Graduate Studies for funding deadlines.***

Below is a brief description of the current funding sources available, and how they are distributed:


The School of Physiotherapy Scholarships Committee awards scholarships, available through internally-managed funding sources, based on academic merit (minimum GPA of 3.7). The amount of funding available varies from year-to-year, and there is no application requirement other than application to the program of study (unless otherwise specified).

In our MScRRPT (thesis-based) program, we strive to fully fund all students with a GPA of 3.7 or greater (depending on available funding resources), however we require that students apply for external funding sources before they are able to qualify for internally-managed funding. Potential applicants are asked to review the MScRRPT admissions page, for further information on this process and timeline.

In our MScPT (professional) program, due to the competitive nature and relative greater number of admissions, the GPA of scholarship recipients has historically been above 4.0, with between 10 and 20 students receiving $2000 - $6000 each as an entrance scholarship.

Internal scholarship funding sources include:

  • FGS Scholarship Allocation to the School [MScPT/RRPT eligible]
  • Isabel Jackson Memorial Scholarship (established in 1967) [MScPT eligible]
  • Bess Averbook Solomon Memorial Scholarship (established in 2010) [MScPT eligible]
  • 2015 Physiotherapy Scholarship (inaugural awards in 2018/19) [MScPT/RRPT eligible]
  • Lynn Irving Scholarship (established in 2017) – two $5,000 scholarships awarded annually to incoming students from the Province of New Brunswick (NOTE: an application is distributed by the School to eligible students). [MScPT eligible]
  • School of Physiotherapy Annual Giving Fund [MSc PT/RRPT eligible]
  • Researcher (Supervisor) Grant Funding [MScRRPT eligible]
  • James Robinson Johnston Graduate Entrance Scholarship for African Canadians [MScPT/RRPT eligible]

External scholarships:

Lifemark Scholarship for Black and Indigenous Students


The School of Physiotherapy Director and Administrative Manager consider requests for bursaries from students in financial need, whether it be for tuition/living expenses, or to travel to a conference or clinical placement. The amount of funding available varies from year-to-year. Students are asked to first apply for an FGS Bursary and if funding is not approved or insufficient, they may submit their application to the Director and Administrator. Applications are accepted on an as-needed basis, and are funded subject to funding resources. Bursary amounts are generally in the $500-$1,000 range.

Bursary funding sources include:

  • David and Asa Kachan Emergency Bursary - $1,250 annually to a student in any year of the program, who finds themselves in financial distress. [MScPT eligible]
  • David and Asa Kachan Travel Bursary - $750 annually to a student travelling to a remote or international clinical placement (NOTE: an application is distributed by the School to eligible students). [MScPT eligible]
  • School of Physiotherapy Annual Giving Fund – requests considered as needed from students who (a) find themselves in financial distress, or (b) are travelling to an academic conference, or (c) are travelling to a remote or international clinical placement. [MSc PT/RRPT eligible]
  • Sheila Catherine Cameron Bursary - To provide financial assistance to any student enrolled in the Masters of Science Physiotherapy Program at Dalhousie.

Note – each MScRRPT student is eligible to receive one $500 travel bursary from the School of Physiotherapy Annual Giving Fund during their program of study. The Faculty of Graduate Studies also provides a Graduate Thesis Student Conference Travel Grant.


The School of Physiotherapy Awards Committee determines recipients of MScPT Graduate Awards, based on a variety of criteria as determined by the award donors.

Awards criteria may be based on academic achievement (i.e. highest overall standing in a certain course or area of practice) or in recognition of demonstrated behaviours or attributes (i.e. peer nomination for exceptional professional behaviours or school spirit). Award donors may be professional bodies (associations, colleges), individuals, or businesses. The School also funds awards from the Annual Giving Fund. Awards may be established year-to-year,or created from an endowment fund.

Giving Back

The School of Physiotherapy would be unable to offer this financial support, under each of these categories, without the generosity of our donors. If you are interested in giving to the School of Physiotherapy in support of Scholarship, Bursary or Award funds, please contact Jascinth Butterfield, Administrative Manager, for more information.