Study in Yarmouth

Small town. Big opportunity.

Dalhousie is proud to offer our three-year (Semester 1 Entry) and our two-year (Semester 3 Entry) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program at our campus in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Studying in a rural community 300 kilometres south of the School of Nursing campus in Halifax, you’ll get a comprehensive BScN education while benefitting from lower costs of living.

Our local partners

Non-nursing elective classes in Yarmouth are offered by our partner universities, Acadia and Universite Ste. Anne. A Dalhousie Letter of Permission is required for these classes.


Yarmouth students are eligible for the same Dalhousie and Dalhousie School of Nursing scholarships as Halifax-based students.

In addition, Yarmouth students may apply for the following:

  • Yarmouth Hospital Nursing Scholarships
  • Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Bursary
  • David R. Hall Scholarship in memory of Dr. Margaret Churchhill
  • Drs. Rajender and Asha Parkash Scholarship
  • Eileen R. Morisset Scholarhip
  • Lina & Alphie Comeau Memorial Scholarship
  • YHF administered Scholarship A
  • YHF administered Scholarship B
  • YHF administered Scholarship C
  • Sara Corning Equity Diversity Inclusivity (EDI) Scholarship

Growing Rural Nurses

Eligibility Criteria

Must be a resident of Nova Scotia and accepted into the Dalhousie Nursing program - Yarmouth campus only, starting September 2024.

Additionally, students must be willing to commit to a three-year return of service in a full-time RN position at either Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Queens General Hospital, or Digby General Hospital upon successful graduation from Dalhousie (and upon receipt of a conditional or active practicing nursing license).

Must be willing to complete a three-year return of service, in a full-time RN position, at either Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Queens General Hospital or Digby General Hospital, upon successful graduation from Dalhousie (and receipt of a conditional or active practicing nursing license).


The scholarship is for tuition costs – approximately $10,000.00 per semester of study for duration of program (e.g., Direct Entry = $50,000.00, Advanced Standing Program = $30, 000.00)
Available for students enrolled in the Direct Entry/Semester 1 Nursing program (5 scholarships available) and for those in the Advanced Standing/Semester 3 program (3 scholarships available).


To those starting in the Dalhousie School of Nursing program at the Yarmouth campus only, in the September 2024 cohort (either Direct Entry [Semester 1] or Advanced Standing [Semester 3] students).

Return of Service

Recipients of the Growing Rural Nurses Nova Scotia Health Dalhousie Yarmouth SON Scholarship will be offered a full-time nursing position at their site of choice at, Digby General Hospital, Queens General Hospital or Yarmouth Regional Hospital upon successful graduation. They will be required to complete 3 years of service in a full time Registered Nurse position at their site of choice following graduation.


The deadline to apply to Dalhousie University School of Nursing Program – Yarmouth Campus is February 15th, 2024.

The deadline to apply for this Growing Rural Nurses Scholarship has been extended to May 30th, 2024.

Email for more details about the application process



Dalhousie Nursing students in Yarmouth can find residence accommodations at Beulah Raymond Hall.

This residence can accommodate approximately 45 students. Each room has standard furnishings and each floor of the residence is equipped with cooking facilities.

Students are also connected to the Yarmouth Regional Hospital, and the hospital cafeteria, by an underground tunnel. The Health Sciences Library is located on the 2nd floor of the student residence building ensuring students have easy access to all of the library services.

Please contact Rose Clements for more residence information:

902-742-3542, ext. 1213



Yarmouth students are exempt from Dalhousie's Health Service fee, Athletic fee, Auxiliary/User fee and Distance fee for Anatomy.

In addition to tuition, Yarmouth students pay a small ($15) incidental fee, a student union fee and a Nursing Society fee. You may also choose to receive and pay the associated fee for DSU Health Insurance.

Fees also apply for non-Nursing classes offered by our partner universities.

How to apply

Students interested in completing their studies in Yarmouth follow the same application process as those applying to the Halifax campus.