Master of Health Administration

1. Can you tell me what the full cost to attend the MHA program?

Information about MHA program Tuition and fees can be found at Admission Process & Fees

2. Will I interact with other students?

The MHA is taught on site which allows each Cohort to interact.  opportunities include: group work, projects, discussions, AHAS Meetings, get-to-gathers, etc.



3. Will I have an academic Advisor?

Every MHA student is matched with a faculty advisor for support, academic
counselling and career counselling. Your faculty advisor will meet with you at the
beginning of the year, and will be accessible as needed via email, telephone or by
appointment. You should consult your faculty advisor on a variety of topics, including:

  • competency attainment and evidence
  • suggestions for mentors/networking
  • topics for course projects and papers
  • directed studies
  • residency opportunities

Throughout your program, you are encouraged to contact your advisor with questions at any time.

4. Is there assistance with writing papers?

  • Yes, there is a Writing Centre on campus and we encourage students to use this service. Drop in sessions and Tutor supports available.
  • A mandatory writing workshop is held during orientation week for our incoming students.

5. How do I access the Dalhousie Library system from a distance?

  • A library orientation session is offered during SHA orientation. During this session, the Health Sciences Librarian will provide students with the information required to do online literature searches, RefWorks orientation, library collections, etc. 
  • A mandatory Dalhousie library session is held during orientation week and provides students with an opportunity to speak with a library assistant.
  • Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

6. Do I have to purchase textbooks and readings?

  • It is our goal to have all readings available electronically on the class Brightspace site.
  • The course syllabus will have information regarding which book will be used for that term.
  • It depends on the class. If a textbook is required, students can purchase the texts from the Dalhousie University Health Sciences Bookstore.  Students can purchase any required texts at the Bookstore during orientation week, or they may access the Bookstore website to determine which texts are needed for each class and make arrangements to have the texts shipped directly to them. 
  • Link for the Health Sciences Bookstore.

7. Are the orientation sessions mandatory?

  • There are several orientation session that are mandatory and they are designated as such on the orientation week schedule (posted on our website in July/August). 
  • Other sessions are optional but students are strongly urged to attend all sessions being offered.
  • Dalhousie offers a series of modules on Brightspace to help new students prepare for university and to provide tips and tools for success.
  • New To Dal Events
  • Orientation for International students 

8. Where do I get the application form?

The online application form and supporting documents can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.  

9. Can I submit my references electronically?

  • Students completing the online application have the opportunity to supply institutional addresses for their referees. 
  • A secure link will be made available to them to complete the information and submit it online.
  • However, the secure link will not be available to those with  Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.
  • Please contact healthadmin@dal.ca for more information.

10. Can I submit my Statement of Intent and Resume electronically?

Yes, these documents can be sent to healthadmin@dal.ca for inclusion in your application file.

11. I've been out of School for years. Can I provide professional references?

  • Applicants should make every effort to provide two letters of academic reference letters.  
  • However, we realize this may not be possible for all applicants. 
  • Please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for further information.

12. How do I calculate my GPA

  • Unsure if your GPA meets our 3.3 admission requirements?  
  • Please contact healthadmin@dal.ca for assistance.

13. Where do I send my GMAT score?

Please indicate the institutional GMAT code (0690) on your test and your score will be obtained through the GMAT online portal.

14. What is the English Language requirement for International Applicants?

  • International applicants must provide proof of English Language proficiency.  Students should submit a TOEFL (minimum required score – 92) or IELTS (minimum score 7.0). If scores are not submitted, proof of English proficiency is required for admission.
  • FGS English Language Requirements

15. What is the application deadline?

April 1st for funding consideration and all international applicants. The final deadline for Canadian residents is June 1st.

16. Do you have additional Admission Start Dates?

Admission to the MHA program is for September only. There are no admissions offered for the winter or summer terms.

17. Once I apply, how long will it take before I'm notified of a decision?

  • The Admissions Committee begins to review files in January for applicants with a GPA of 3.7 or greater for early admission consideration  Other files are reviewed on a rolling basis.  
  • In instances where more detailed information is required, the applicant will be contacted.  
  • Once a file has been reviewed and processed, a decision will be posted in the online application portal.  
  • Inquiries on the status of an application, can be made by contacting healthadmin@dal.ca

18. I have been accepted to the MHA program now what?

Applicants must confirm their offer of admission by the deadlines specified in the offer for admission. The Registrar’s Office will also forward information outlining the next steps required to set up a Dalhousie University User ID and password as well as your student email account. Once set up, the admission deposit can be paid and students can then register for their fall and winter classes. Registration for  summer classes  is done later during the winter term.  Information regarding orientation will be posted on the School’s website in mid-July. Students should frequently access the site as information is updated often.

19. If I have questions regarding an application, who should I contact?

All questions concerning admission can be directed to healthadmin@dal.ca or 902-494-7097.

20. Where is the School located?

The School is located on Carlton Campus, Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building, 2nd floor, 5850 College Street Map Link

21. If I begin the program as a full-time student, can I switch to part-time at a later date?

  • Full time students register for 3-5 classes per term; while part time students register for a maximum of 2 courses per term.  
  • Students wishing to change their status should contact healthadmin@dal.ca as a program change form must be submitted for approval.