Our Residency Program

Apply your growing expertise in the workplace

Many Master of Health Administration (MHA) students select our program for its unique and well-established residency component. During a 4-month job placement, students gain real-world experience, career insight, workplace references, a network of contacts and one or more mentors. It’s impossible to overstate the value of the experience.

Most students receive a stipend for their residency work. Placements can be anywhere in Canada. It’s a chance to test out a new career direction. For some students, their residency leads directly to employment.

During the residency, students will:

  • be exposed to administrative challenges and health service agency operations
  • receive personal coaching from respected practicing health services administrators
  • apply administrative concepts in a practical setting
  • develop administrative skills, techniques and perspectives

How it works

Beginning as soon as you arrive on campus in September of your first year, you will work with the residency coordinator to set your residency goals and create a shortlist of preferred placements. The residency coordinator will then submit your requests.

The application and negotiation process can take time. About half of our students have a residency in place by the end of first term for the upcoming spring/summer.

Residencies are usually easiest to arrange for students who are willing to accept placements outside of Halifax, and who have strong English-language interview and communication skills.

Flexible options for part-time students

Various residency options are available for part-time students. While in the MHA program, some students have been promoted into a new management position, which can become a residency in whole or in part, if approved by the graduate coordinator.

Other students complete their residency part-time over 18 months. Occasionally, a parental or workplace responsibility will mean the residency is completed during 2 months of the first spring/summer and a second 2 months during the next spring/summer. Talk to us! We’ll work with you to find an effective and satisfying arrangement.