Fees & Financial Support

The Program Fees

The cost of tuition will vary based on your personal circumstances. Note that we have tried to be as transparent as possible with the following information: if comparing our costs to other MHA options, be sure to thoroughly research additional, mandatory fees like those we list below.

If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident you will pay one fee which covers the 16-month program, with your payments spread out across each term.  For students starting in September 2023, this total fee was $18,211.68, but this is subject to annual review.  

If you are not a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, you will also pay the International Tuition Fee.  For International Students starting the MHA in September 2023, this was $18,546 for Year 1.  In Year 2, this is reduced to the single term fee.  In September 2023, this was $9,273.  Therefore, the total program fee for an international student will be approximately $46,000, but this figure is subject to annual review. See the International Student page for more information.

In addition to the program cost, there are additional, mandatory incidental fees paid by all students at Dalhousie University.  For students starting in September 2023, these mandatory fees came to just over $2,000 for the year.  These fees include benefits such as health insurance and comprehensive public transport around the city.   These fees are summarized on this page (link to Money Matters: opens in new tab): please review these carefully, focusing on the Studley and Carleton Campus fees.  

Scholarships & Awards

Some of our scholarships and awards are based within the School of Health Administration, and others come from either the Faculty of Graduate Studies, or an external body. 

Note that there are a particular range of supports available for Indigenous and African Canadian applicants.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if the information on these awards is hard to find on Dalhousie's website.

Within the School of Health Administration: 

The Dr Robert Strang Scholarship: If you are applying to start the MHA in September 2024, are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, and self-identify as a member of an underrepresented group, you are encouraged to apply for the Strang Scholarship which provides up to $10,000 to support your studies.  Contact healthadmin@dal.ca for application details.  Note: you will need to apply by April 1st to be considered for this award. 

There are additional awards offered within the School, but these are not available until you are at least part-way through the program.

Within the Faculty of Graduate Studies: 

Information on these scholarships can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarships and Bursaries page (link to Scholarship Information: opens in new tab). 

External sources of funding: 

Information on these can be found on Dalhousie's Money Matters page (link to Scholarship Information: opens in new tab).