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Resources for faculty and staff

Supporting your work

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is comprised of a community of more than 1,300 faculty and staff spanning Dalhousie’s four campus and 12 degree-granting faculties. You are the network of dedicated professionals who support the university’s 3,800 graduate students, mentoring, advising, and serving them as they pursue their academic goals. 

To support your work, you will find all of the resources you need on our myDal site, including forms and process documentation, admission tools and much more. Below are links to take you directly to the materials you need. You will also find a faculty and staff hub on our myDal site to support you. 

Support for admissions staff and graduate coordinators

Gain access to the materials you need to admit students to a graduate program, including directions to complete an admissions file and calculate GPAs, and learn more about the role of Graduate Coordinators. 


Discover how to help manage program requirements, progress reports and convocation processes through the Graduate Studies Information System (GSIS), and how to ensure students receive their funding through the Graduate Funding Payment (GFP) system.

Graduate Studies Information System (GSIS)

Graduate Funding Payment (GFP) System


Theses and defences and student-supervisor relationships

Find materials that will help you support your PhD students in the submission and defence of their theses and learn more about how to mentor your students as a supervisor. 

Theses defences

Student-supervisor relationships


FGS committees, membership and merit awards

Learn who is on our governing committess and how to nominate faculty members to teach and supervise graduate students. Also learn about faculty, staff and students who have been recognized for their contributions and achievements. 

FGS governance committees

FGS membership

Merit awards