How the Process Works

First Round: By April 30th of their first year, students must submit their top 5 discipline choices via the online system. Choices can be entered multiple times: only the last application on file will count.

Once your top 5 discipline choices are submitted, and the deadline closes - students will be placed strictly on their GPA and the space available in the program. GPA calculations are based on all the years one and two courses in the engineering curriculum.

By the first week of June, students will receive a conditional acceptance into a discipline.

It is possible to defer your placement to the following year or lose your placement due to poor academic performance during your second year. 

After the initial placement process there will be two rounds of applicants for students who were not placed in the initial round or wish to change their placement.  If you are satisfied with your placement in the initial round you will not participate in rounds 2 or 3.

Round 2: Application deadline: August 15.  Submit a Round 2 application for placement 

Round 3: Application deadline: December 15.  Submit a Round 3 application for placement.


Dalhousie offers all students the choice of the following disciplines: