Awards & Scholarships

Sonia Jones Scholarship

The Sonia Jones Scholarship provides assistance to advanced students of Spanish and Latin American Studies (honours or Major) who are studying abroad in programs approved by the University.

  • 2018 Spencer Lockhart, Robert Gaudreau, Gabbier Cournoyer
  • 2017 Matthew Daigle, Elizabeth Haikings, John MacPhail
  • 2016 Emma Churchill, Meghan Maclean, Alex Hollister de-Melo, Chris Tkatch

The de Carteret Memorial Prize

Established as a gift in memory of the late Norman S. and Helier S. de Carteret and their sister, Phyllis de Carteret Nielsen, the de Carteret Memorial Prize is to be awarded on the recommendation of the Executive Committee of the Department to an outstanding student in the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies.

  • 2019 Shauna BulmanĀ 
  • 2018 Caroline Guinard
  • 2017 James Hall
  • 2016 Priscillia Darcy
  • 2015 Leah Hansen
  • 2014 Bruce Knowlden

The Reverend J.B. Hibbitts Memorial Prize

To honour the memory of a scholar, donor, and friend of the department, this prize is awarded annually to the graduating student with the highest overall Honours GPA.

  • 2019 Danna Deatsch
  • 2016 Charlotte Doane

The Dr. James E. Holloway, Jr. Memorial Prize

To award a graduating student with an Honours degree who has demonstrated a consistently high level of achievement in the department and who has successfully completed an honours thesis in the Department with a focus on Latin America

  • 2016 Colleen McGuire
  • 2015 Terry Michaelopoulas

The Alumni Citizenship Award

This award recognizes the significant contribution of a graduating student toward building a community atmosphere in the department.

  • 2018 Michael Williams
  • 2017 Betty Roethlisberger
  • 2016 Samantha Kolb
  • 2015 Lisa Godde
  • 2014 Emily Beauchamp

University Medal in Spanish & Latin American Studies

The University Medal is awarded to the graduting student with the highest overall Honours GPA.

  • 2019 Danna Deutsch
  • 2017 Rachel German