Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

Why Study Abroad?

  • Apply theory into practice, and converse with local Spanish speakers promises to be an exciting educational, international experience, fulfilling and life-changing.
  • Broad your intercultural understanding by learning not only the language but the culture, history, art, business, and cinema of the host country.
  • Understand new perspectives and expand your horizon. The locations themselves will become an extension of your learning.
  • Have a diverse education and benefit from various styles of instruction.
  • Earn credits towards your major/ minor or other options.
  • Incorporate your study abroad experience into your resume and interview.
  • Combine study time with the opportunity to travel.
  • Become a global student.
  • Challenge your way of life.

Study Abroad Program

The Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies, in association with universities, is committed to providing students opportunities to expand their knowledge and fluency in Spanish by studying abroad at:

  • Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain.

You pay tuition fees directly to the host institution or organization (not Dalhousie), typically in the currency of the host institution´s country.

Exchange Programs

Dalhousie University has a number of exchange agreements with universities worldwide including countries where Spanish is the first language like Spain and Mexico.

You pay tuition fees to your home university (Dalhousie), while you study at a partner institution.

Dalhousie has many different funding opportunities available for students who need financial support to make their exchange dreams a reality. Explore the different options available and apply for internal funding now! Click here .

Here are the universities you can apply: