¡Hola a Todos!

Welcome to the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies. Come immerse yourself in a community that offers a complete range of educational opportunities in Spanish language, history, literature, film and culture.

An Interactive Approach

Our colourful language program reflects the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. With courses designed for beginning to advanced speakers, our students gain an appreciation for Hispanic cultures with our interactive and engaging approach, as special emphasis is directed towards dynamic experiences and peer activities.

Our literature courses explore the insightful contributions of writers from Spain and the Americas, and our courses focusing on the political history of Latin America are among the faculty's most popular offerings.

Plan a new adventure overseas with our department's four unique study abroad programs. Practice your language skills in Spain while ordering your "café con leche" in the university city of Salamanca, or explore the wonders of past civilizations while studying in Lima, Peru. Study Spanish at Dal, and choose your own adventure!

It’s so exciting to be able to communicate with people in their own language. You can really understand someone when you can understand their language. With language comes a whole new way of thinking.