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Student Services

As a student of Dal's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, you have access to a variey of programs and services designed to enrich, inform and support your university experience. Resources are available for every stage of your learning, from accessibility support and writing centre courses to graduate studies societies and career development.

For more information about the help and support available on campus, visit the Student Services website.



Student Matters

Dr. David Matthias ( or 494-6898), B.A., M.A., PhD., is the Assistant Dean of Student Matters and consults with students who are experiencing difficulties in the following situations:

Rules, regulations and procedures

At the recommendation of the Registrar's Office, the Assistant Dean helps students with problems regarding rules, regulations and procedures that cannot be resolved at the Registrar's Office. A student should always first consult the Registrar's Office if there is a problem with an academic regulation. The Registrar's Office will refer students to the Assistant Dean if they cannot help them with an academic problem.

Academic difficulties

A student experiencing difficulties in any course(s) because of illness, personal reasons, financial problems, or other extenuating circumstances shall first make an appointment with the professor(s) concerned to discuss the problem and explore options. If this is not satisfactory, the student can then meet with the Chair of the department(s) concerned to seek advice. If the student is unable to solve the problem at the departmental level, she/he can meet with the Assistant Dean to discuss further options.

Academic advice and counselling

Consult your department's academic advisor if you require specific advice about your major, honours options and program requirements. If you need general advice about courses, bursaries or admissions, you should consult an advisor in the Registar's Office or make an appointment with an academic counsellor in Student Services. For academic problems that require a specific waiver (determined at the Registrar's Office) or for those cases that have been specifically referred, students shall consult the Assistant Dean of Student Matters.