Explore the Spanish & Latin American Studies Program at Dalhousie

The Spanish and Latin American Studies program is about much more than just learning the language. All of our courses explore the diversity and culture of the Spanish-speaking world: from the study of Hispanic literature and film, to the exploration of Spanish society and the Cuban Revolution.

You don’t need to know how to speak Spanish to study in our program, since many of our non-language courses are taught in English and open as electives to students in other programs.

For students interested in becoming fluent, our language courses range from the study of Spanish used in international business to phonetics and translation. If you have some prior knowledge of the language, you’ll need to take a placement test to determine your level of ability and which language course you’ll start in.

Interested in studying abroad?

You always make friends faster in a language class. The very nature of them requires you to talk to each other. It’s brilliant! And the Spanish professors are wonderful. I’ve never had such fun in the classroom!