Certificate in Intercultural Communications

Why consider the Certificate in Intercultural Communications?

The Certificate in Intercultural Communications is a recognition of academic learning, volunteer and work experience, and language skills specifically related to the effect use of communication in diverse cultural contexts.

If you are a current Dalhousie student you can complete the certificate to demonstrate your competency in this area. Whether you are looking to work internationally or stay closer to home, a certificate in intercultural communications can be a valuable recognition of an important skill set needed for career development in a global market.  

Who can earn a Certificate in Intercultural Communications?

The certificate is open to students studying in any of the Faculties at Dalhousie and can supplement almost any major or degree combination.    

How do I register for this certificate?

If you are interested in this certificate you should meet with the CIC advisor to discuss and plan how you will meet the requirements.

The following actions are also required:

Students pursuing the Certificate must declare the program via Dal Online (in the same manner as Majors and Minors are declared). Once the CIC is declared, a distinct CIC Degree Audit will be generated, which will automatically record the completion of the CIC’s academic requirements. Completion of the Experiential requirement must be confirmed by the CIC Advisor, who will ensure that the Audit properly records the accomplishment.

When students near the completion of the CIC, they must declare their intent to graduate with the CIC by regular deadlines for such declarations. Note: this declaration is separate from any declaration of intent to graduate with a degree: students who expect to graduate with a degree and a Certificate simultaneously must, therefore, declare intent to graduate twice (once for the degree, and once for the CIC).

The Registrar prepares CIC parchments and issues them at Convocation. The Registrar also records the completion of the CIC on students’ academic transcripts.