The Walker Wood Foundation Theatre Bursary

Walker Wood Foundation Theatre Bursary

First-year students planning to major in theatre in the Fountain School of Performing Arts at Dalhousie University are eligible to apply for this four-year renewable bursary of $5000 per year. Award is given every 4 years to one desrving student! The next award cycle will begin in 2022/23 academic year and end in 2025/26.

The Walker Wood Foundation is dedicated to the funding of post-secondary education at all levels to candidates who have high academic standing, demonstrated leadership or similar qualities, and who might have otherwise found it difficult to afford further education. 


  • Student must be a Canadian citizen
  • Preference will be given to those entering directly from high schools in Atlantic Canada
  • Must have demonstrated financial need
  • The successful recipient must maintain a high academic standing. 

If the recipient of the bursary is not accepted into a theatre program, or changes to another program of study (other than theatre), the Awards Office may select another student who fits the above criteria and is in the same program year as the previous recipient.


1. Apply for a Dalhousie bursary
Students must complete the in-course undergraduate bursary application. Students should highlight their passion, interest and experiences in Theatre on the application.

2. Send a letter to the Fountain School’s Student Affairs Committee
Students must submit a letter to the Chair of the Student Affairs Committee highlighting your passion, interest and experiences in Theatre. In addition, for any course in progress, please provide evidence of your grades to date; a letter from your professor will suffice. Please send your letter via e-mail to or by hard copy to the Fountain School Office, Room 514, Dalhousie Arts Centre.


For more information on applying for a bursary through the Registrar’s office, see:

If you have any questions about your letter for the Student Affairs Committee, please contact the Committee Chair, Professor David Nicol (