Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Inquiry is a fundamental part of undergraduate education in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Dal, which is a member of the ‘U-15’ group of research-intensive Canadian universities.  Much of what we do starts with a question – why? how? what? –and then seeks ways to answer those questions. Many courses in our programs either focus on research skills and methods or give students chances to engage actively in their own research projects and scholarly or creative endeavours.

Problems demand solutions; curiosity drives discovery.

Beyond course work, students will find other opportunities to engage in or present their research in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

- Apply for a FASS Undergraduate Research stipend, getting paid to work alongside a faculty member on a research project. Talk to your profs, or keep an eye on the MyCareer site, where available positions will typically be posted in December.

- Enrol in one of our honours programs, most of which have as their final honours project a significant piece of research or scholarship, done under the mentorship of a faculty supervisor.

- Share the results of your research with a broader audience in one of our undergraduate journals or at the annual conference hosted by the Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Society (and consider volunteering with your departmental student society to help edit and publish the journal, too). Contact your department or departmental student society to find out more.

Undergraduate Journals (Dal & King's)

Babel (Early Modern Studies)

Fathom (poetry and short stories)

Pangaea (History)

The Podium (Political Science)

Pseudo-Dionysius (Classics)

Tooth & Claw (History of Science and Technology)

Verso (English)

Affiliated: Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography, run by Dr. Martha Radice, Sociology and Social Anthropology

Talk to the chair of your department or president of your program’s student society for information on submitting papers for publication.