Practicum Placements

NGOs, Government & Community and Services

The Department of Political Science, the Program in Law Justice and Society, and the Program in Gender and Women’s Studies at Dalhousie University offers a practicum placement course that is available for credit to 4th year undergraduate students. If the course has spaces available, it may be open to students in other programs as well.

This course is designed to grant students the opportunity to gain practical experience by working for 7 hours per week at a government or non-government organization or service, or at a research institute that is instrumental in shaping public policy, advancing human rights, administering justice, pursuing educational and social justice initiatives, or providing support services to members of the community.

Through a dedicated volunteer placement, it will enable students to learn about the services, projects, processes and campaigns undertaken by a specific government office or non-government organization, institute or service in the community; apply and share the knowledge that they have gained from their academic studies; and become familiar with the day-to-day challenges of employment in the organizations and community services that engage public policy at a practical level.

This initiative benefits not only students, but also every participating organization or service, while also strengthening relations between the university and community. While student volunteers can assist in meaningful ways with the general work and the day to day administration of the organization, they may also provide invaluable support with the planning and implementation of new projects, or campaigns, including, for example, through conducting research, engaging in educational outreach, planning workshops or conferences, or assisting in front-line support or daily administration.

For further information, please contact the Course Coordinator: Margaret Denike at  

Registration and Admission

The Practicum course is typically offered in the Winter term, although registration and admission into the course may begin as soon as general registration open to students in the preceding late Spring or early summer.

Once registration is open in the spring, any student interested in securing a practicum placement are then asked to:

  1. Review the list of available placement options and check out any additional information that is provided about them, such as reports by previous students.

  2. In a single email, send the course coordinator/instructor your top four choices from this list, together with your resume and a paragraph that describes your general interests and goals [so that we can have a sense of which placement may be an ideal fit for you].

Once the instructor receives all this information, and if there is room in the course, they will provide an override to enable you to register in the course.

Once all students are registered, and in the Fall, the instructor will then begin the matching process, first by contacting the organizations to confirm that they are able to take a student this year. We then aim to match students with their top choices[s].

On occasion, a placement organization may require additional steps, such as a criminal record check or a preliminary interview with the organization, but this is the exception more than it is the rule.

Once the matches are made, and before the end of the Fall term, students who are registered in the course will be informed about their placement; they will be put in touch with their supervisor, with whom they will arrange a time to meet to discuss their project and to work out a schedule for them to complete their required hours. The first 8 hours will be completed withing the second week of January.

Student Responsibilities

Each student will have a designated supervisor at the organization, to whom to report, and who will serve as the primary contact for the Course Coordinator at Dalhousie. With respect to the specific arrangements and working schedule for the practicum, the primary responsibilities rest with the students, who will be required to clarify their projects, roles, tasks, and expectations with their supervisors. In consultation with the supervisor, the Course Coordinator at Dalhousie will be responsible for evaluating the student’s performance on a pass/fail basis, in view of the requirements of the course, which will typically include the completion of required hours; attendance at monthly group meetings; a satisfactory review by their supervisor; and the completion of a final report.

Students are required to spend up to an average of 7.0 hours per week, or, if worked in a single day, 8 hours with up to one hour off for lunch, for a period of 11 weeks at a selected placement agency, for a total of 77 hours.

The placements begin in the first week of January (i.e., with the student’s first 7.0 hours completed by the end of the 2nd week of classes) and will run through to the last week of classes except for the reading week. There is plenty of flexibility for determining the working schedule for the student, which will be arranged directly between the student and their placement supervisor(s). For example, if a student is assigned to work on a project that requires an extensive time commitment for a short period of time—such as organizing a conference or public campaign—an arrangement may be made to work many of the required hours during that period, while taking a break in the preceding or subsequent weeks.

Our Host Organizations

Angela Simmonds, MLA for Preston

A constituency office – the main purpose of our office is to listen to constituency members’ grievances and deal with their complaints or insights in a timely and affective manner. Angela Simmonds is an MLA, therefore represented and troubleshoots at a Provincial level.

Office Description: 2 staff – Constituency Assistant for Preston and a part-time support staff who works directly with the Caucus of the Liberal Party.

The Preston Township is Canada’s largest African Canadian community which makes this constituency and its specific needs, one-of-a-kind.  

Daily tasks include but are not limited to:

  • managing communications (email, phones, socials)
  • troubleshooting and managing constituency case files
  • scheduling
  • community/government events
  • facilitating intergovernmental meetings
  • research

Address: 18 Wilfred Jackson Way, Dartmouth, NS, B2Z 1A8

Asaf Rashid Law

Description: Asaf Rashid is a lawyer who graduated from the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University. At his practice, Rashid focuses mainly on immigration; labour and employment law; and criminal defense law. He takes to heart the importance of empowerment of his clients, working to ensure, to the best of his ability that his clients understand the legal challenges they are facing so that they can provide him with instructions that meet their goals.

Address: 1701 Hollis Street, Suite 800

Office Environment: one full-time staff, small office in downtown Halifax

Recommended for: LJSO

The Association for the Aninga Project

Description: A small non-profit organization headed by its founder, is working to educate and empower girls in Uganda. The Aninga Project is a registered Canadian Charity and a Ugandan NGO. It is looking for an inspired Dalhousie University student who is interested in making a difference in the world. You need to be well organized, dynamic and comfortable working independently. Possible tasks will include completing independent research projects, assisting with fundraising initiatives and helping to write articles for its newsletter, website and social media.

Office Environment: Office Environment: Home office with one staff, working remotely

Recommended for: GWST, POLI

Student Report 2018

Panel Presentation Video: [1 at 3:40]

Bankruptcy Court (Nova Scotia)

Description: Bankruptcy is a system that allows an insolvent debtor to be relieved of most debts by filing an assignment in bankruptcy. All the available property of the bankrupt is turned over to a Trustee who realizes upon it and distributes the proceeds among the bankrupt's creditors in accordance with the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. The role of the Court is to make judicial determinations as required by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act in the administration of bankrupt estates.

Address: 1815 Upper Water St. Halifax, NS B3J 1S7

Office Environment: Government office, 10+ full-time staff.

Recommended for: LJSO

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Description: The CCPA is a pan-Canadian nonpartisan, independent, policy research institute concerned with issues of social, economic and environmental justice. Founded in 1980, the CCPA is one of Canada’s leading progressive voices in public policy debates. It analyzes problems and works on solutions anchored by some basic principles: human dignity and freedom, fairness, equality, environmental sustainability, and the public good. It seeks students who are comfortable working independently on dedicated research projects.

Office Environment: Home office with one staff, working remotely

Recommended for: GWST, POLI

Student Report: 2017, 2021

Student Report Video [1], [2]

Panel Presentation Video [1]

Canadian Mental Health Association

Description: The CMHA promotes the mental health of everyone in the community and supports the resilience and recovery of people living with mental illness through advocacy, education, research and service. Based in the community, it has a drop-in centre at which daily programs and activities are held for its clients.

Address: 2020 Gottingen St. Suite 100, Halifax

Office Environment: The Centre is overseen by three full-time staff who also coordinate volunteers from different sectors or programs in the Community. Remote research projects may also be available.

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO, POLI

Student Report: 2018

Canadian Rights and Freedoms Centre

Description: Canadian Rights and Freedoms Centre is a non-profit organization established to promote and protect human rights and is independent of governments and their human rights commissions. The Centre works with communities, businesses and governments to reduce conflict, repair harms and build stronger relationships with individuals and communities most vulnerable to social injustice. The Centre also partners with Teryl Scott Lawyers Inc. who assists the Centre to resolve human rights conflicts, to enforce Canadian and international human rights laws, and to challenge unfair laws or policies, such as those that may apply to persons who are incarcerated at Canadian Correctional Facilities,

Address: 647 Bedford Highway, Suite 101

Office Environment: small office with one or two staff

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO, POLI

Student Report: 2021

CeaseFire Halifax

Description: Ceasefire focuses on eliminating violent behaviour among youth in Black Nova Scotian communities by inspiring change and encouraging the use of non-violent solutions.

Address: 45 Alderney Dr., Dartmouth

Office Environment: four staff in office, seven staff in community

Recommended for: LJSO, POLI

Student Report: 2018

Panel Presentation Video: [1 at 4:07]

Centre for Studies in Security and Development

Description: The Centre for the Study of Security and Development (CSSD) is a multi-disciplinary network of scholars, affiliated with the Department of Political Science at Dalhousie University, working together to explore the complex intersections of security and development. The CSSD is dedicated to increasing our understanding of the complex global challenges that security and development are interconnected parts of a much broader and more complex web of global phenomena, which strain the capacity of national governments to provide for the collective autonomy, safety, prosperity, and well-being of citizens. and inform the development of new policies and institutions to meet them. Our diverse community of fellows brings to bear expertise from a variety of academic disciplines, including Political Science, History, Sociology, and Law, as well as experience in government service, the military, and other fields.

Office Environment: While the Centre is based in the Department of Political Science, and headed up by a director of research, its projects and initiatives typically involve remote research

Recommended for: LJSO, POLI

Student Report: 2018, 2019

Challenge AIDS and MALARIA in Africa

Description: CHAMA is a local and international registered charity that challenges the scourge of AIDS and Malaria in hard-to-reach areas in Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya, among other African countries. It aims to helps Africa’s most vulnerable children and single mothers through education, clean water, infrastructural development, women’s empowerment, medical supplies and healthcare. Its efforts to end malaria in Africa centres on prevention and sustainable education.

Office Environment: One full-time staff and student work will be done remotely.

Recommended for: GWST, POLI

Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute

Description: The Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute provides support for the creation and strengthening of national judicial education bodies and supports judicial reform in the 54 Commonwealth countries and in all regions of the world.

Address: Our office is located in Room 306 of the Weldon Law Building at Dalhousie University.

Office Environment: The staff includes a full time Administrator plus Retired Judge Sandra Oxner as a full-time consultant and other part time consultants. Judge Oxner and I would oversee the work of all our student assistants.

Recommended for: LJSO

Coverdale Courtwork Society

Description: Coverdale Courtwork Society provides comprehensive and consistent support to women and girls involved in- the criminal justice system. Coverdale is an established non-profit organization that has been providing programs and support services in the community for more than 30 years. Its focus is on court support, vital programming, counselling and education. The Society addresses and responds to underlying systemic issues in the criminal justice system and how these issues affect the rights of women incarcerated at the provincial and federal levels.

Address: 6169 Quinpool Rd Suite 221B, Halifax

Office Environment: Office with three full-time staff

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO

Student Report: 2019

Student Report Video [1]

CUPE Nova Scotia

Description: CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) is Canada’s largest and fastest-growing union, representing over 750,000 workers in health care, education, municipalities, libraries, childcare, universities, social services, public utilities, transportation, emergency services, and airlines. As a union, we work together for a better standard of living, wages, pensions and health benefits, as well as safe working conditions – for all. Our members are proud to deliver the quality public services needed to maintain a strong economy and healthy communities.

Address: 271 Brownlow Ave, Dartmouth

Office Environment: 10 + full-time staff

Recommended for: GWST, POLI, LJSO

Dalhousie Legal Aid

Description: Dalhousie Legal Aid Service is a community-based office in the north-central neighbourhood of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It also is a clinical program for law students and is operated by the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University. Its funding is provided by the Schulich School of Law, the Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission, the Law Foundation of Nova Scotia and clinic alumni, friends of Dalhousie Legal Aid Service and special events. Dalhousie Legal Aid Service was the first legal service for poor people in Nova Scotia and is the oldest clinical law program in Canada. In fact, it is the only community law clinic in Nova Scotia. The clinic is a unique partnership of community groups, law students, community legal workers and lawyers working together. This is a demanding and fast-paced work environment that requires an organized student with an appetite a challenge

Address: 5746 Russell Street, Halifax, NS

Office Environment: Several full-time staff and law students

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO

Student Report 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

Student Report Video [1],

Panel Presentation Video [1 at 3:03]

Dalhousie Office of Human Rights, Equity and Harassment Prevention

Description: The HREHP provide confidential service to members of the Dalhousie Community seeking advice, support, and conflict resolution related to harassment or discrimination. It also organizes community educational campaigns and events to raise awareness about gender and race-based discrimination.

Address: Macdonald Building, 4th Floor, 6300 Coburg Road, Halifax

Office Environment: Five full-time staff

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO, POLI

Student Report: 2018

Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace and Security


Description: The Institute works progressively to eradicate the use and recruitment of child soldiers through a security sector approach; educational campaigns and initiatives; and the application of international human rights conventions. Our A Children’s Rights Upfront (CRU) Approach seeks to elevate children’s well-being higher up on the international peace and security agenda both in terms of making it a priority for all actors, as well as by ensuring children and youth participate in peace processes that impact their future.

Address: 1390 LeMarchant Street, Halifax

Office Environment: five full-time staff

Recommended for: POLI, LJSO

Student Report 2018, 2018, 2019, 2021

Student Report Video: [1]

Panel Presentation Video: [1 at 8:20]

Dartmouth Learning Network

Description: Dartmouth Learning Network provides adults and their families with opportunities to gain the essential skills necessary to live and work in a modern economy. Its vision is one where everyone has the skills that they need to reach their learning and career goals. The Learning Network offers one-to-one tutoring and classroom supports in basic reading, writing, math, computers, essential skills and GED Prep for adults who have not completed high school. A placement with Dartmouth Learning Network could involve research, policy development, event planning, supporting our administrative needs and/or engaging directly with our learners by supporting existing programs. We endeavour to match your interests and needs with our existing interests and needs.

Address: 73 Tacoma Dr Suite 802, Dartmouth

Office Environment: Eight staff

Recommended for: LJSO, POLI

Department of Justice, Public Safety Division (Nova Scotia)

Description: The Public Safety Division is dedicated to providing service based on mutual respect, consultation and collaboration with Government, public stakeholders and the diverse communities of Nova Scotia. This department is committed to continuous improvement and to being just and fair in an effort to reduce crime and its effects. This department strives to enhance public confidence in the justice system. The department oversees Policing Strategy, the Security Programs and Service Dog Program, the Provincial Firearms Program, CyberSCAN Program, Safer Communities and Neighbourhood Program.

Address: 1690 Hollis St, Halifax

Office Environment: We work in downtown Halifax with easy access to transit. Our work is incredibly fast-paced. There are 32 employees in public safety and depending on the news of the day, our priorities shift. We work divided between two floors of the same office building but run around all day

Recommended for: LJSO

Department of Court Services (Nova Scotia)

Description: The Department of Court Services administers is responsible for the management of Court Administration Offices, management of Probate Court and Bankruptcy Court Registries, administration of the Criminal Code Review Board, and the court security and transportation of prisoners through Sheriff Services. This department also administers the Justice of the Peace Program, the Maintenance Enforcement Program, the management of a number of programs designed to reduce conflict and litigation in Family Law matters.

Address: 1690 Hollis Street, 7th floor

Office Environment: 20 + full-time staff

Recommended for: LJSO

Department of Justice Victim Services (Nova Scotia)

Description: The Department of Justice and Victim Services can help provide the victim, or spouse or relative, with information, support and assistance as their case moves through the criminal justice system. When criminal charges are laid, victims and family members can contact this department directly for help. This department also provides expertise and policy guidance and also develop special initiatives in response to the needs and concerns of victims of crime.

Address: 277 Pleasant Street, 3rd Floor, Dartmouth

Office Environment: TBD

Recommended for: LJSO

Dress for Success Halifax

Description: Promote the independence of economically disadvantaged women by providing work-appropriate attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Address: Unit 320-Bedford Place Mall - 1658 Bedford Highway, Bedford

Office Environment: One or two part-time staff members.  Recommended for: GWST, POLI

Student Report: 2018

Ecology Action Centre

Description: The Ecology Action Centre is a local Nova Scotian organization committed to tackling the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Projects range from fighting for clean energy policy, to supporting sustainable fisheries, to advocating for responsible forestry practices, to teaching children about bicycle safety, to building capacity in community gardens, and much more. The EAC has many campaigns and projects in progress at any given time, from policy advocacy, to well-researched reports, to community development projects.

Address: 2705 Fern Lane in Halifax

Office Environment: 20 full-time staff and volunteers, work can be done remotely

Student Report: 2019

Recommended for: POLI

Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia

Description: The E-Fry Society responds to the needs of women in prison, including through the development of community services and supports for women who have been charged with offences or who are at risk of coming into conflict with the law.

Address: 85 Queen Street, Dartmouth          

Office Environment: Based in Dartmouth; three or four full time staff

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO

Student Report 2018

Halifax Armdale Constituency Office (Provincial)

Description: Represents the Halifax Armdale Constituency in provincial parliament. Lena Diab was first elected to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly as MLA for Halifax Armdale in 2013 and was re-elected in 2017.  She has served as Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Provincial Secretary, Minister responsible for the Nova Scotia Police Complaints Commissioner, Minister responsible for the Nova Scotia Police Review Board, Minister of Immigration, and as minister responsible for various acts which normally fall under the purview of the justice portfolio.  

Address: 1 Craigmore Drive, Unit 101, Halifax

Office Environment: TBD

Recommended for: POLI

Halifax & Dartmouth Court Administrative Office (Nova Scotia)

Address: 1815 Upper Water St., Halifax

Office Environment: TBD

Recommended for: LJSO

Halifax Refugee Clinic

Description: The Clinic provides legal representation for those claiming refugee status in Nova Scotia, assisting clients with the preparation for their Refugee hearing. The work typically involves research on the refugee’s home country conditions, such as through the documentation of human rights violations. We receive no government core funding; we are privately funded and generate most of our operating revenue from ordinary people who believe in our work.

Address: 5538 Macara Street, Halifax

Office Environment: Three full-time staff

Recommended for: LJSO, POLI

Student Report 2017, 2018, 2018, 2019, 2021

Student Report Video [1], [2]  

Panel Presentation Video [1 at 4:50] [2]

Halifax Sexual Health Centre

Description: The Centre works to improve and optimize the sexual health of all members of our community, by providing high quality and caring services, and empowering clients to make healthy choices. The centre offers services such as birth control and intrauterine device (IUD) insertions, sexually transmitted disease testing, gynecological care, prenatal care, and gender-affirming and transgender care, with a current rotation of nine or ten physicians and the clinic's part-time nurse.

Address: 7071 Bayers Rd Suite 302, Halifax

Office Environment: one or two full time staff

Recommended for: GWST

Student Report: 2019

Heartwood Centre for Community Youth Development

Description: HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development is a non-profit, registered charity that has been serving the province of Nova Scotia since 1988. It aims to empower youth as active and valued members in their community and, together with adults, to take action to create vibrant and caring communities. Its mission is youth engagement for positive community change. Its programming is structured on the “HeartWood Way” which aims to create a culture of empowerment and support through youth-adult partnerships, peer relationships, meaningful contributions and experiential learning.

Address: 5516 Spring Garden Rd #202, Halifax

Office Environment: six full-time staff

Recommended for: POLI, GWST

Student Report Video [1]

Hepatitis Outreach Society of NS

Description: The Society aims to reduce the impact of hepatitis through support, information and education. The Society recognizes that hepatitis has an impact on everyone. It recognizes that everyone has an individual right to privacy and has the right to make their own informed choices.

Address: 5571 Cunard St #201, Halifax

Office Environment: two full-time staff

Recommended for: GWST, POLI

HRM Human Resources, Organizational Development and Health

Description: The HRM HR Office addresses workplace human rights issues through mediation, facilitating discussions, workplace assessments and harassment investigations.

Address: 5251 Duke St, Third Floor, Halifax

Office Environment: 12 + full-time staff

Recommended for: POLI

HRM Diversity and Inclusion Office

Description: The Office provides leadership, strategic direction, policy advice, professional development and expertise to all aspects of the Halifax Regional Municipality (administration and Regional Council) with respect to diversity and inclusion.  The Office also engages external stakeholders in supporting corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives and services.

Address: 5251 Duke St, Third Floor, Halifax, NS

Office Environment: 10 + full-time staff

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO, POLI

John Howard Society of Nova Scotia

Description: Since 1950, the John Howard Society of Nova Scotia (JHSNS) has worked to understand and address the impact of crime in our community, specifically in helping people overcome the barriers they face in their efforts to make positive changes in their lives and break free of a criminal cycle. JHSNS offers programs and services to individuals who have been in conflict with the law, or who are at risk of becoming involved with the criminal justice system. Traditionally, JHSNS has focused on supporting adult men, however, many programs and services of our Halifax Regional Office are also open to women. JHSNS requires all volunteers to have completed a volunteer application and screening process. If you are interested in a placement here, this should be done before the beginning of the term (at least three weeks before the beginning of term). See here for application process.

Address: 1-541 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville

Office Environment: Three full-time staff

Recommended for: LJSO, POLI

Student Reports 2018, 2021

Student Report Video [1]

Panel Presentation Video: [1 at 2:20]

Laing House

Description: Laing House is a peer support organization for youth living with mental illness, where members can embrace their unique gifts and find their way in a caring and supportive environment.

Address: 1225 Barrington, Halifax, NS

Office Environment: Three full-time staff in office, 7 in community

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO, POLI

Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia

Description: The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) is a charitable not for profit organization with over 30 years of experience; it is the only organization in Nova Scotia with the sole mandate to provide Nova Scotians with the legal information they require to make informed decisions. It helps Nova Scotians navigate the legal services available through a toll-free Legal Information Line​, Lawyer Referral Service​, Mediator Referral Service, Legal Information Sessions, Free Legal Clinics​, and our nationally recognized and award-winning Public Navigator Program​. Most recently, the Society has been working to strengthen social media and digital platforms – building and using these effectively to interface with the public in the delivery of legal information.

Address: 1225 Barrington, Halifax

Office Environment: Three full-time staff in office, seven staff in community

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO, POLI

Student Report: 2018, 2021 [1], 2021 [2]

Student Report Video [1], [2]

Nova Scotia Legal Aid – HRM Duty Counsel Office

Legal Aid is committed to providing Legal Representation to those most in need in the fields of criminal, family and social justice.  The Duty Counsel office of Legal Aid provides criminal representation for individuals without lawyers coming before the provincial courts in Dartmouth and Halifax.  The duty counsel office is split into two types of assistance: cells lawyers providing assistance with bail, and non custodial lawyers helping anyone at court without a lawyer, primarily pleas and sentencings.  Individuals in court are often facing their worst days, and duty counsel is there to try and lessen the stress of a court appearance, while providing meaningful advice on how to traverse the complicated justice system.

They  have 7 full time lawyers, 3 full time Court workers, and one temp staff.

Address: 5475 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS B3J 3T2

Telephone: (902)420-7800  

Fax: (902)420-6561  

Nova Scotia Legal Aid, Dartmouth Criminal Office

Type of services provided: Full service criminal defence for low income Nova Scotians

Office Environment :  10 lawyers and 6 support staff 

NSCC Office of Human Rights and Equity Services

Description: This office is committed to fostering an environment that's welcoming and inclusive to our NSCC community and others.  The team leads and supports various educational and awareness activities throughout the year that highlight the value and importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and the promotion of a respectful working and learning environment.


Office Environment: TBD

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO, POLI

Student Report 2021- stuck on Brightspace

Student Report Video [1]

Public Safety Office

Description: In 2008, the Halifax Regional Municipality made a commitment to developing a more holistic understanding of, and approach to, the root causes of crime and victimization in Halifax, by convening a Mayor's Roundtable on Violence, resulting in the 2008 publication of the Clairemont Report, formally titled: "Violence and Public Safety in the Halifax Regional Municipality: A report to the Mayor as a result of the Roundtable. Acting on a key recommendation of the report, the municipality established a Public Safety Office (PSO) in 2009. In 2014 the Mayor requested a report on progress made since the 2008 Clairemont Report, resulting in 2014 Roundtable Review volume 1 and volume II. The research and community engagement from this report formed the basis for the municipality’s inaugural Public Safety Strategy, unanimously approved by Regional Council on October 31, 2017. 

The Public Safety Office leads the implementation of the actions in the Public Safety Strategy through collaboration and partnership with internal and external stakeholders. The Office also provides advice on locally-informed, evidence-based approaches to community safety and wellbeing to further the strategy’s goals.

The team is currently comprised of approximately 7 staff members. The Office is located in Duke Tower.   

Social Cultural Recreational Inclusion Society “The Club”

Description: The Club Inclusion is a drop in social program that focuses on inclusion for people aged 12 and up. Many of its members have intellectual and/ or physical disabilities, or problems with learning and communication. It is open every day with programs that are suitable for every interest and ability. Some of the favourite programs include lunch club, music club Dartmouth, book club, creative arts nights, culture club, drama, and music therapy. Other daily activities include: arts and crafts, playing the Wii, floor hockey, x-box games like Just Dance, movies and Netflix, baking, outdoor games and sports, button making, painting, dances, and so much more!

Office Environment: Typically based at St. James Church on the Halifax Rotary (6-7 days a week), but also have a location in Dartmouth and Bedford (2 days a week).

Recommended for: GWST, POLI

Solidarity Halifax

Description: Solidarity Kjipuktuk-Halifax organizes in the Halifax Regional Municipality and across Nova Scotia for dialogue, debate, activism and education on alternatives to capitalism. In partnership with other organizations we run workshops, conferences, public forums; organize and support demonstrations; and undertake other actions to create a more just and humane society. 

Office Environment: It does not have a permanent physical space or any paid staff. The organization is member-based and completely volunteer-run. We meet once a month for general meetings, and committees meet 1-3 times per month.

Recommended for: GWST, POLI     

Springtide Collective

Description: Springtide envisions a democracy where it’s easier to think of reasons to step up and get engaged, than it is to think of reasons to stay home. It envisions a political system where we judge new ideas based on where those ideas could take us, rather than where they came from, or who came up with them. People running this organization are passionate about creating a Nova Scotia where the citizenry is alive, where democracy isn’t just something we have, but something we do – a culture – where each of us feels a sense of responsibility to those around us.

Address: 5553 Bloomfield Street, Halifax

Office Environment: Two part-time staff, and two full-time staff

Recommended for: GWST, POLI

YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs

Description: The YMCA provides newcomer children, youth, and their families with a variety of programs and outreach services. Our approach is to deliver community-based support that is inclusive and welcoming. We also provide services for students at several partner schools. Our YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs helps newcomers to Canada settle into their new communities while also supporting the community in understanding the issues and barriers they face. This organization also engages in anti-violence research and educational initiatives

Address: 65 Main Ave, Halifax

Office Environment: Five full-time staff, and five part-time staff

Recommended for: GWST, LJSO, POLI

Student Report: 2019, 2019, 2021

Student Video [1]