Undergraduate Student Society


Peace, Order, and Good Company

The Dalhousie Undergraduate Political Science Society (DUPSS) is a non-partisan, student-run organization that aims to represent and spearhead the interests of political science students at Dalhousie. DUPSS' mission is to provide the student community with opportunities to fulfill their interest and curiosity in politics by attending political-themed events, communicate queries and opinions to the department, and taking part in the organizational activities of the society.


President Isobel Cameron
Vice-President Internal

Hannah Meagher

Vice-President External

Andrew Clarke

Vice-President Finance

Rebecca Tomlik

Vice-President Academic

Jessica Duffney

Vice-President Student Opportunities

Emily La Rocque

Vice-President Student Opportunities

Isabella Stefek

Vice-President Communications

Annie Keeley

Vice-President Events

Kate Walker


Sinéad O'Neill


Council Position

King's Representative TBA
Senior Year Representative TBA
Second Year Representative TBA
First Year Representative TBA
Finance Commissioner TBA
Events Commissioner TBA
Student Opportunities Commissioner TBA

Office Hours:
The Dalhousie Undergraduate Political Science Student Society (DUPSS) welcomes you to take advantage of their mentorship program.  It is designed for students who would like to have an informal chat with other political science students with one or more years of experience at Dalhousie and/or have questions about the program or political science in general.

Perhaps you have questions such as but limited to:

1. How do students cope with the pressures of transitions between years? 
2. How do papers differ from one year to the next?
3. How can I deal with a poor grade? 
4. How does the political science society work and how can I get involved? 
5. What can I expect from different Profs and classes? 
6. What resources are available for students to address any of these and other issues?

The Society is here to assist you so come on out and ask your questions or just drop by for a friendly chat with a peer!

If you have questions or for further information, please contact us on Facebook or by email