IDS‑Approved Courses from other Departments

IDS Approved.001

***Please note that not all courses are offered every year. Please refer to the appropriate Academic Timetable for current course offerings.

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  • ARBC 2100.03: A Cultural Introduction to the Arab World


The importance of an understanding of biology for informed contribution to sustainable development cannot be over-emphasized.

  • BIOL 3065.03: Conservation Biology
  • BIOL 3226.03: Plants and Civilization
  • BIOL 3601.03: Nature Conservation
  • BIOL 4065.03: Sustainability and Global Change
  • BIOL 4160.03: Political Ecology

Canadian Studies


  • CANA 2050.03: Historical Issues in Indigenous Studies
  • CANA 2052.03: Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Studies
  • CANA 3050.03: Indigenous Research & Methodology
  • CANA 3052.03: Indigenous Social Health & Enviornmental Issues
  • CANA 3400.03: Contemporary Indigenous Art
  • CANA 3401.03: Indigenous Representation in Film

Contemporary Studies

  • CTMP 2115.03: Conception of Race in Philosophy, Literature and Art
  • CTMP 2322.03: The Experience of Others in Philosophy, History and Literature
  • CTMP 3103.03: Critiques of Modernity
  • CTMP 3130.03: The Thought of Michel Foucault
  • CTMP 3311.03: Culture, Politics and the Post Colonial Condition
  • CTMP 4125.03: Hannah Arendt: Terror, Politics, Thought

Earth Sciences

Geology lies behind many of the environmental problems facing humanity today - while energy and mineral resources provide an underpinning of many of the development plans of Third World nations.


A grasp of economic frameworks whereby societies allocate resources (human resources and capital) is a prerequisite for understanding development plans and national prospects, development projects and foreign aid, and the constraints and possibilities for sustainable development.

  • ECON 2213.03: Emerging Giants: The Economic rise of China and India
  • ECON 2216.03: Economics of Global Warming
  • ECON 2334.03: Perspectives on Economic Development
  • ECON 2336.03: Regional Development
  • ECON 2850.06: The Science and Economics of Climate Change
  • ECON 3310.03: Economic Growth in Historical Perspective
  • ECON 3317.03: Poverty and Inequality
  • ECON 3330.03: International Trade
  • ECON 3331.03: International Finance
  • ECON 3332.03: Resource Economics
  • ECON 3333.03: Theories of Economic Development
  • ECON 3335.03: Environmental Economics
  • ECON 3349.03: History of Economic Thought
  • ECON 4317.03: Poverty and Inequality
  • ECON 4360.03: Ethics, Justice and Economics


Language skills are obviously important for effective communication for those wishing to pursue international development studies; but through the study of languages and literature, important insights about culture and development experience are also to be gleaned. The IDS program encourages students minimally to study one additional (relevant) language to English.

  • ENGL 2005.03: World Literature    
  • ENGL 2090.03: Literature, Multiculturalism, and Identity
  • ENGL 3086.03: Post-Colonial Literatures
  • ENGL 3087.03/CHIN 3080.03: Literature of the Asian Diaspora: Language and Identity in Asian North American Literature

Environmental Studies

Most environmental scientists have primary expertise in a particular discipline and work cooperatively with specialists from other disciplinens to solve environmental problems. Dalhousie now offers a minor in both environmental studies and science. However, current programs that also provide courses emphasizing environmental subjects include Earth Sciences (geology and hydrogeology), marine biology and POLI 3585.03.

  • ENVS 3220.03: International Environmental Law for Scientists
  • ENVS 3501.03: Environmental Problem Solving I
  • ENVS 3502.03: Environmental Problem Solving II: The Campus as a Living Laboratory
  • ENVS 4001.03: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • ERTH 2410.03: Environmental and Resource Geology
  • ERTH 3410.03: Enhanced Environmental Geology
  • GEOG 2070.03: Area Studies on Mexico and Central America
  • GEOG 2201.03: Intro to Development Studies
  • GEOG 2202.03: Intro to Development Studies II
  • GEOG 2206.03: Africa: An Introduction
  • GEOG 2800.03: Climate Change
  • GEOG 3165.03: Peoples and Cultures of the World: Selected Area Studies


Language skills are obviously important for effective communication for those wishing to pursue international development studies; but through the study of languages and literature, important insights about culture and development experience are also to be gleaned. The IDS program encourages students minimally to study one additional (relevant) language to English.

  • FREN 3125.03: Le Monde francophone/The French-Speaking World
  • FREN 3150.03: Aspects de la francophonie/Aspects of the Francophone World
  • FREN 3175.03: Topical Issues in Francophone/Thémes de la francophonie

Gender and Women's Studies

It is important to recognize the implications of gender issues and to be sensitive to how these are viewed in different cultural circumstances. Hence, students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one of the following GWST courses.

  • GWST 2412.03: Human Sexuality
  • GWST 3006.03: Comparataive Perspectives on Gender and Work
  • GWST 3168.03: Issues in Latin American Society
  • GWST 3426.03: Sex and the State
  • GWST 3503.03: Human Rights Foundations
  • GWST 3600.03: Sexualization of Western Political Thought
  • GWST 4116.03: Contemporary Issues in Gender and Development
  • GWST 4211.03: Gender and Development: Theory, Concepts and Methods
  • GSWT 4400.03: Indigenous Women and The State


Just as people need to know who they are and how they arrived there, groups, races, courses, states and nations need a sense of their own past as part of their culture and to guide their future development choices.

  • HIST 2006.03: The Atlantic World, 1450-1650: European Colonization of the Americas
  • HIST 2007.03: The Atlantic World, 1650-1800: European Empires in the Americas
  • HIST 2021.03: Soviet Russia
  • HIST 2205.03: Historical Issues in Indigenous Studies
  • HIST 2381.03: Latin America
  • HIST 2382.03: Central America to 1979
  • HIST 2383.03: Areas Studies on Mexico and Central America
  • HIST 2384.03: Cuba from Colonial Times
  • HIST 2385.03: The Cuban Revolution
  • HIST 2386.03: Colonial Latin America
  • HIST 2387.03: Latin America since Independence
  • HIST 2388.03: Latin American Dictators in Novel
  • HIST 2392.03: Introduction to Caribbean History (1540 to present)
  • HIST 2425.03: Africa Before 1900
  • HIST 2426.03: Africa Since 1900
  • HIST 2502.03: The Ottoman Empire and Its Legacy in the Middle East, 1750-1923
  • HIST 2503.03: Medieval Islamic Civilization
  • HIST 2504.03: A History of the Modern Middle East
  • HIST 2505.03: Turbans and Berets: A Modern History of Iraq
  • HIST 2510.03: Modern History of South Asia
  • HIST 2711.03: Struggles that Shaped the Modern World: 1600-1900
  • HIST 2712.03: Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?
  • HIST 3090.03: Russian Society
  • HIST 3091.03: Russian Topics
  • HIST 3380.03: Slavery and Freedoms in the America
  • HIST 3390.03: Latin America: Revolution and Repression
  • HIST 3393.03: Indigenous Movements in Latin America
  • HIST 3430.03: The Making of Colonial Africa, c. 1850-1930
  • HIST 3431.03: Struggles in the City: Labour, Migration and Urban Life in Colonial Africa
  • HIST 3435.03: The Rise and Fall of African Slavery
  • HIST 3451.03: Southern Africa to 1860
  • HIST 3452.03: Southern Africa since 1860
  • HIST 3470.03: Wars and Revolutions in Nineteenth Century Africa
  • HIST 3471.03: Wars and Revolutions in Twentieth Century Africa
  • HIST 3500.03: Topics in Global History
  • HIST 3509.03: Arab Caliphs, Turkish Commanders, and Persian Viziers: Islamic History, 750-1200
  • HIST 3510.03: Sultans and Shahs: Politics and Religion in the Islamic Gunpowder Age (1500-1800)
  • HIST 3511.03: Ancient and Medieval History of the Persianate World
  • HIST 3512.03: Modern History of Iran
  • HIST 3513.03: From Cairo to Cape Town: Religious Revival, Identity and Colonialism in Muslim Africa
  • HIST 3515.03: Food for Thought: History and the Culinary Cultures of the Islamic World
  • HIST 3520.03: Empire, War and Resistance in Sri Lanka
  • HIST 4300.03: Topics in Latin American Study
  • HIST 4355.03: Becoming the State
  • HIST 4360.03: Slavery and Amrican Political Culture
  • HIST 4400.03: Topics in African History
  • HIST 4401.03: State Violence Communal Conflict and Criminology in Modern South Africa
  • HIST 4404.03: Crime and Punishment in Modern South Africa
  • HIST 4475.03: African Intellectuals and the Modern Experience
  • HIST 4510.03: Topics in Islamic and Middle East History
  • HIST 4545.03: Scripture and Strategy: History of Islamic Political Thought
  • HIST 4550.03: Orientalism and Occidentalism
  • HIST 4555.03: A Dream Palace or Bitter Reality: Arab Intellectuals and their Ideologies in the Modern Period
  • HIST 4614.03: Sex, Conquest and Power, Sex and Gender in Latin America - 1492 to the present

Indigenous Studies

Indigenous authors, experts and scholars deliver an in-depth introduction to historical and contemporary perspectives about topics ranging from treaties to residential schools to land and resource issues. (
  • INDG 2050.03: Historical Issues in Indigenous Studies (HIST 2205.03, CANA 2050.03)
  • INDG 2052.03: Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Studies (CANA 2052.03, SOSA 2052.03)
  • INDG 3050.03: Indigenous Research & Methods (CANA 3050.03)
  • INDG 3052.03: Indigenous Social Health & Environmental Issues (CANA 3052.03, SOSA 3052.03)
  • INDG 3400.03: Contemporary Indigenous Art (CANA 3400.03)
  • INDG 3401.03: Indigenous Representation in Film (CANA 3401.03)
  • INDG 4400.03:Indigenous Women and The State 


Issues in International Development are fundamentally concerned with principles of ethics and justice. Philosophy provides students with the necessary foundation to think about these principles and apply them to international issues in an informed way.

  • PHIL 2081.03: Ethics in the World of Business
  • PHIL 2160.03: Philosophical Issues of Feminism
  • PHIL 2165.03: Philosophy and the Black Experience
  • PHIL 2450.03: Democracy, Difference and Citizenship
  • PHIL 2475.03: Justice in Global Perspective
  • PHIL 2480.03: Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 2485.03: Technology and the Environment
  • PHIL 3470.03: Human Rights: Philosophical Issues
  • PHIL 3476.03: Liberalism and Global Justice
  • PHIL 4700.03: Philosophy of Race

Political Science

Political Science is critical for individuals who want to know more about the values, laws, institutions and policy mechanisms that govern their lives in society, and, as well, the differences between their systems of government and those in other countries.

  • POLI 2215.03: Canadian Aboriginal Politics: An Institutional 
  • Perspective
  • POLI 2301.03: Comparative Politics I: Developed Democracies
  • POLI 2302.03: Comparative Politics IIL The Developing World.
  • POLI 2350.03: Governance and Globalization
  • POLI 2520.03: World Politics
  • POLI 2530.03: Foreign Policy in Theory and Practice
  • POLI 3311.03: Sport and Politics
  • POLI 3315.03: African Politics
  • POLI 3350.03: Governance and Globalization
  • POLI 3360.03: Politics in Latin America
  • POLI 3365.03: Politics of the Middle East
  • POLI 3385.03: Politics of the Environment
  • POLI 3420.03: The International Politics of Mobility
  • POLI 3426.03: Sex and the State
  • POLI 3427.03: Sexualization and Western Political Thought
  • POLI 3505.03: Human Rights Foundations
  • POLI 3520.03: Building Democracy and Peace
  • POLI 3525.03: Comparative Foreign Policy Simulation
  • POLI 3531.03: The UN in World Politics
  • POLI 3532.03: Model UN
  • POLI 3535.03: Wealth, power and poverty in the Global South
  • POLI 3540.03: Foreign Policies in the Third World
  • POLI 3544.03: Political Economy of Southern Africa
  • POLI 3560.03: Issues in Global Security and Development
  • POLI 3565.03: Contemporary Security Studies
  • POLI 3567.03: International Organizations
  • POLI 3568.03: Canada and the World
  • POLI 3581.03: Diplomacy and Negotiation
  • POLI 3587.03: International Political Economy
  • POLI 3596.03: Exploring Global Conflict and Violence
  • POLI 4302.03: Governance and Administration in Developing 
  • Countries: Issues and Controversies
  • POLI 4303.03: Human Rights: Political Issues
  • POLI 4340.03: Approaches to Development
  • POLI 4355.03: Comparative Perspectives on the Development 
  • State
  • POLI 4380.03: Politics of Climate Change
  • POLI 4403.03: Human Rights: Philosophical Issues
  • POLI 4481.03: Theories of Violence, Persecution, Genocide
  • POLI 4569.03: Canadian Foreign Policy
  • POLI 4587.03: International Political Economy
  • POLI 4636.03: Nationalism and Statecraft


Religious Studies

Understanding religion and its influences on human behaviour involves grasping both the meaning of faith in the lives of participants and the critical analysis of outside observers. It has important implications for international cultures and development questions.

  • RELS  2001.03: Judaism
  • RELS 2003.03: Islam
  • RELS 2011.03: Hinduism
  • RELS 2012.03: Chinese & Japanese Religions
  • RELS 2013.03: Buddhism
  • RELS 2281.03: Christian Beginnings: The Orthodox and Oriental Churches
  • RELS 2509.03: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh: Identity, Culture and State in Pre-Colonial South Asia
  • RELS 2510.03: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh: Locating the Trauma of Modern South Asia
  • RELS 3009.03: Christianity in the Land of Islam
  • RELS 3012.03: Mystics of the Middle East Religions
  • RELS 3113.03: The Mahabharata: India’s Great Epic of Strife and Salvation
  • RELS 3101.03: The Self and the World in Indian Story
  • RELS 3112.03: Buddhism in India and Tibet
  • RELS 3113.03: The Mahabharata: India's Great Epic of Strife and Salvation
  • RELS 3282.03: Christian Beginnings: Catholicism 
  • RELS 4010.03: Islamic Philosophy: al-Ghazali
  • RELS 4018.03: Christian Theology in the Lands of Islam: John of Damascus



Russia and the Soviet Union have been important players on the world stage for many centuries. The history and current situation of this region has had profound importance for the development of both Europe and Asia, as well as the developing regions. The study of this region is increasingly important to development theory, practice and planning.

  • RUSN 2023.03: Soviet Russia
  • RUSN 2046.03: East European Cinema: War, Love, and Revolutions
  • RUSN 2081.03: Contemporary Russian Culture - The Seven Deadly Sins


Language skills are obviously important for effective communication for those wishing to pursue international development studies; but through the study of languages and literature, important insights about culture and development experience are also to be gleaned. The IDS program encourages students minimally to study one additional (relevant) language to English.

  • SPAN 2069.03:Central America to 1979: From Conquest to Revolution
  • SPAN 2070.03: Mexico and Central America - Revolution to Drug Wars
  • SPAN 2109.03: Cuba from Colonial Times to 1961
  • SPAN 2110.03: Cuba in Revolution, 1961 - the present
  • SPAN 2130.03: Latin American Dictators: From Fact to Fiction
  • SPAN 2200.03: Latin American Culture: From the Maya to the 21st Century
  • SPAN 3310.06: Cuban Culture & Society
  • Span 3408.03: The Cuban Development Model.


Complex global issues like water and energy security, climate change, environmental degradation touch virtually every person, every profession, everywhere. Solutions require passion, commitment and real knowledge.
  • SUST 2000.06 : Local Governance, Citizen Engagement and Sustainability
  • SUST 2001.06: Global Environmental Governance
  • SUST 3101.03 : Food and Sustainabilty
  • SUST 3104.03: Sustainability and the Non-Profit Sector
  • SUST 4125: Conflict Negotiation & Sustainability 


  • THEA 2346.03: East European Cinema: War, Love and Revolutions
  • THEA 4932.03: Cross-Cultural Theatres

Health Promotion

HPRO 4412.03 : Human Sexuality