Barry Sampson Teaching + Practice
Editors: Brian Carter and Annette LeCuyer

boundary sequence illusion - Ian MacDonald Architect
Author: Ian MacDonald Architect
Editor: Brian Carter
Shim Sutcliffe - The Passage of Time
Author: Shim Sutcliffe Architects
Editor: Annette W. LeCuyer
Saucier + Perrotte Architectes, 1995-2002
Author: Saucier + Perrotte Architectes
Editor: Brian Carter
Barry Johns Architects: Selected Projects 1984-1998
Author: Barry Johns
Brian MacKay-Lyons: Selected Projects 1986-1997
Author: Brian MacKay-Lyons
Editor: Brian Carter
Works: The Architecture of A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt & Co. 1968-1995
Authors: A.J. Diamond and Donald Schmitt
Editor: Brian Carter
Patkau Architects: Selected Projects 1983-1993
Author: Patkau Architects
Editor: Brian Carter

D’Arcy Jones Architects 2009 – 2020
Author: D’Arcy Jones

Author: Battersby Howat Architects
Editor: Brian Carter
Atelier BUILD
Authors: Michael Carroll and Danita Rooyakkers
Editor: Brian Carter

Architectural monographs

Warming Huts: a decade + of art and architecture on ice
Authors: Lawrence Bird, Peter Hargraves, and haron Wohl

Dan Hanganu Works 1981_2015
Author: Dan Hanganu
Editor: Essy Baniassad
Designing & Building | Rockhill and Associates (2nd edition)
Author: Rockhill and Associates
Editor: Brian Carter
Designing & Building | Rockhill and Associates
Author: Rockhill and Associates
Editor: Brian Carter

Architectural design research

Architecture and building in Atlantic Canada

Conference proceedings

Resurgence of Organicism
Editor: Sarah Bonnemaison
On Growth and Form: Organic Architecture and Beyond
Editors: Philip Beesley and Sarah Bonnemaison
Expanding Bodies: Art, Cities, Environment
Editors: Brian Lilley and Philip Beesley