Shim Sutcliffe ‑ The Passage of Time

TITLE : Shim Sutcliffe - The Passage of Time

AUTHOR: Shim Sutcliffe Architects

EDITOR : Annette W. LeCuyer

SUBJECT : Through close study of work of architects Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe, this book traces the evolution of contemporary architectural ideas particularly as they relate to urbanity and the wilderness. Annotated with drawings, ranging from preliminary sketches to construction details, as well as images of models, mock-ups, prototypes and finished buildings. Shim-Sutcliffe's work has been published internationally and has received numerous awards. Foreword by Essy Baniassad, essay by Brian Carter, interviews with the architects by Annette W. LeCuyer and postscript by Phyllis Lambert.

SERIES: Documents in Canadian Architecture

FORMAT : 8.5" x 8.5", paper cover, 103 pages, colour images

PUBLISHED : September 2014

ISBN : 9780929112633

PRICE : $39.95 (CAD)