Publishing with Us

Dalhousie Architectural Press publishes original, high-quality books in architecture and planning. We welcome book proposals from authors or design firms; proposals may be considered for inclusion within one of our series or stand alone as individual projects. All proposals, whether invited or unsolicited, must undergo a peer-review process to be selected for publication. Each publication will be coordinated by an editor who will be the liaison with DAP. See the side tab at right for information on book proposals.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board establishes the priorities for Dalhousie Architectural Press publications, and determines areas of concentration and themes for series. The Board manages the peer-review process and may also actively solicit proposals. Member terms are three years, renewable.

Board Members

Graham Gagnon, Dalhousie University, chair
Essy Baniassad, Chinese University of Hong Kong / University of Botswana
Sarah Bonnemaison, Dalhousie University
Brian Carter, SUNY Buffalo
Michael Faciejew, Dalhousie University
Sascha Hastings, independent producer, curator and editor
Hans Ibelings, Architecture Observer
Christine Macy, Dalhousie University
Frank Palermo, Dalhousie University
Michael Windover, Carleton University

Series Editors

Architectural Signatures Canada (series editor: Brian Carter)
Canadian Modern (series editor: Michael Windover)
Design Matters (series editors: Sarah Bonnemaison and Christine Macy)
Documents in Canadian Architecture (series editor: Brian Carter)
Land/FormsĀ (series editor: Michael Faciejew)